/dec 19, 2022

With Gratitude to Our Customers. We Couldn’t Do Any of This Without You.

By Veracode

It’s the end of another year, and we want to take a quick moment to reflect on the debt of gratitude we owe our customers. Thanks to you, we’re all leagues closer to a world where software is developed secure from the start. You constantly astound us with your dedication to securing your apps for your customers, and we are grateful you’ve chosen us as your security partner. You value the competitive advantage of making secure software and have proven it by reaching new heights in 2022. Let’s dive into some of the stories from this year and celebrate what your progress, feedback, and successes have allowed us all to achieve.

Scalable and reliable software security are unquestionably valuable, but determining how to achieve it within seamless developer workflows can present a challenge. Cloud-native electronic health records application developer Azalea Health incorporates secure coding best practices with Veracode. VP of Engineering Andrew McCall, told us that rather than treating software security as a box checking exercise, at Azalea Health "security is an ongoing process and has to be top of mind throughout the software development lifecycle." Using the Veracode platform to maximize developer enablement, Azalea Health engineering teams are able to boost efficiency in their process. McCall shares, "We’re able to review new flaws found in our different applications and determine which ones take priority. Having Veracode greatly reduces the time we spend on debugging."

QAD Precision Global Trade and Transportation Execution (GTTE) mitigates risk while accelerating time to market by unifying key elements of their engineering and security processes. "We are always trying to develop new features and functionality... and having the tools right there to make security part of the development process helps keep our projects on schedule," said QAD Precision R&D Software Engineer Marcos Peña. Benefitting from uninterrupted AppSec implementations directly within their Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, QAD Precision Engineering Director Peter Evans says, "having Veracode is fantastic because it forces developers to think about security as part of making any change, which reduces regression and helps us get secure software to market faster."

There’s no overstating how much credit we owe you, our Veracode customers, for the powerful advancements and trustworthy experiences you achieved in 2022 on our shared path to better software security. Every advancement toward securing applications results from your diligent AppSec practices, your insightful relationships with our team, and the data-driven priorities we collaboratively identify and enable.

Thank you,

Your Veracode Team

Nine accolades Veracode received in 2022 thanks to our customers

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