/oct 31, 2017

How to Connect With AppSec and Developer Peers in the Veracode Community

By John Zorabedian

Security professionals and developers have different roles, responsibilities, and skills, but a common goal in securing applications. Yet there aren't many places to connect with peers, who are among your best resources for solving AppSec and DevSecOps challenges. That's why we created the Veracode Community.

The Veracode Community is a destination for developers and AppSec professionals to share your knowledge and experience. It's a great source of information about application security best practices, DevOps, and DevSecOps, from the people who are doing it every day. And it's a forum to ask questions and get answers about Veracode products and integrations with DevOps tools.

Below are five ways the Veracode Community connects you with peers and helps you with your biggest challenges.

1. Participate in discussions when you join and start groups.

The Veracode Community has discussion groups where you can ask questions on hot topics, and read responses from people with experience and know-how. There are groups about topics such as integrations, open source projects, Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan, and secure coding education. If you don't find a discussion about the topic you're interested in, Community members can start their own groups. There's also a discussion group about the Community itself, for feedback on how to improve the Community experience for everyone. 

2. Improve your AppSec skills with video-based courses and other content.

In addition to crowdsourcing knowledge, the Veracode Community offers educational content created by Veracode experts. This training content includes video courses about AppSec best practices and important security concepts, such as how to prevent common vulnerabilities like CRLF injection, cross-site scripting, and SQL injection. We'll be adding more content as the Community grows.

3. Get guidance on using Veracode products and services.

The Community offers easy access to product guides and release notes. If you're a new customer, the Veracode Community provides resources to help you get started with Veracode. And you can use the Community to request a product demo from your Security Program Manager.

4. Find, share, and collaborate on Veracode integrations.

The Veracode Application Security Platform integrates with the development, security, and risk-tracking tools you already use. And our flexible API allows you to create your own custom integrations or take advantage of integrations built by the open source community and other technology partners. The Community provides links to integrations developed by Veracode, as well as community-based integrations.

5. Share your ideas to make Veracode work for you.

Have an idea or request to make Veracode more efficient, easier to use, or integrate better with your workflow? We want to hear about it. The Community ideas center gives you the chance to submit your ideas for improving Veracode products. And you can comment on ideas or vote them up or down. We'll review your ideas and provide status updates on whether we'll put them on the product roadmap.

The Veracode Community is what you make of it, so create a profile when you sign up today, and start connecting with peers.

Watch the video below to get a quick tour of the Community.


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By John Zorabedian

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