/jan 5, 2021

Announcing Veracode in AWS Marketplace: Streamlining Secure Software Development for AWS Customers

By Lisa Quinby

Digital transformation continues to accelerate, and with it, businesses continue to modernize their technological environments, leveraging developer-first cloud-native solutions to build, host, and secure their software. At Veracode, we continue to see customers leveraging large cloud providers, such as AWS, as a central platform to conduct these activities. Customers can take advantage of the many native services available from AWS as well as procure and manage relationships with AWS-certified partner solutions, such as Veracode, through the AWS Marketplace.

Which is why we are pleased to announce the launch of our public listing of Veracode Security Labs on the AWS Marketplace. This listing also enables us to sell our full portfolio of solutions through AWS Marketplace Private Offers. Buying through Marketplace creates more buying options for customers and enables AWS customers to quickly purchase and deploy Veracode’s leading SaaS software security solutions while centralizing billing through AWS. For AWS customers participating in AWS’ Enterprise Discount Program (EDP), purchasing Veracode through the marketplace can drive additional benefits and potential savings with AWS as a portion of the cost of Veracode can be applied towards the [your] overall annual spending obligations with AWS.

Since launch, several large customers in North America and Europe were successful in purchasing Veracode’s solutions via the AWS Marketplace, and are recognizing the variety of benefits offered to them by AWS.

Why Veracode?

When it comes to building effective and secure applications on a tight schedule, security tools need to be flexible enough to integrate and automate seamlessly into existing processes and workflows, but capable enough to get the job done. Through Veracode’s cloud-native application security (AppSec) solutions we aim to enable the speed, automation, and top-level scanning tools needed to write more secure code and continue hitting deadlines.

With Veracode’s solutions integrated into established processes, AppSec quickly becomes a competitive edge. In addition to the right scanning and testing tools embedded into critical stages of the software development lifecycle, Veracode enables organizations like yours to improve customer confidence through enhanced security, reduced risk, and proven compliance.

AppSec management and measurement is simplified through reliable metrics, progress demonstration, and clear goals. In addition, Veracode’s 1% false-positive rate means less time spent chasing the wrong flaws and more time ensuring your DevSecOps efforts stay on track to keep projects on schedule. It also means a shortened sales cycle that keeps businesses one step ahead of the competition.

There’s no need for lengthy security questionnaires with an established and functioning AppSec program, and sales are not lost due to security concerns from prospects. When Veracode’s cloud-native SaaS platform is in place, it’s possible to start scanning on day one to begin proving compliance and ensuring the quality of your code without missing a beat.

Secure software from the start

Having critical flexibility in the cloud with robust testing at your fingertips means that the security of your software is easier to manage to deployment and beyond. Through our integrations with AWS CodeStar and other developer tools, we deliver the critical functionality that developers need to initiate security scans – including right from AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild, saving vital remediation time. We also offer support for AWS Software Development Kits in Python, Node.js, and JavaScript, as well as support for Lambda functions.

Ready to get started integrating Veracode solutions into your AWS environment and improve the state of your organization’s AppSec? Visit our page on AWS Marketplace for more information, and learn about how our tools integrate with AWS here

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By Lisa Quinby

Lisa Quinby is responsible for Veracode's global partner marketing strategy and program development with technology alliance partners, resellers, distributors, and GSIs. She also oversees all aspects of marketing for Veracode's emerging markets, working closely with various partners in the region to drive awareness and create demand through digital campaigns, account-based marketing, and events. She has over 25 years of experience in partner marketing, field marketing, and marketing communications in the technology space.