Gain Visibility into your Open Source Risk with Veracode Software Composition Analysis

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How To Ensure Your Code Meets Quality Compliance

Five Lessons Learned from Petya and WannaCry

The Top 4 Ways Vulnerabilities Get Into Your Software

How to Keep the Peace Between Security and Development

Application Security in a DevOps World

Full-Spectrum Engineering Webinar

Integrating Application Security Into The Tools You Already Use

Be the Champion of Security in a DevOps World

Using Dynamic Scanning to Secure Web Apps in Development and After Deployment

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Choosing the Right Path to Application Security

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Getting Started with Secure DevOps

NYC Cyber Security

NY DFS Cybersecurity Regulations: What You Need to Know


Conquering the Mountain of Security Debt

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Your Chance to Get It Right: 5 Keys to Building AppSec into DevOps

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Struts-Shock: Current Attacks Against Struts 2 and How to Defend Against Them

Devops Regulated

How Do You Apply DevOps in a Regulated Environment?

Best DevOps

How to Get the Best Out of DevSecOps – From Operations’ Perspective

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The Human Side of DevSecOps

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Increasing Software Security Up and Down the Supply Chain

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How To Get The Best Out of DevOps - Security's Perspective

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Application Security Within The Financial Market

How To Get The Best Out Of DevSecOps - Developer Perspective

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How to Achieve Best Practice in Application Security in 2017

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Identifying Vulnerabilities Hidden in Your Applications

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How Feasible is Continuous Security?

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Yahoo! A Breach Too Far or the Reality of Consumer Privacy in 2016?

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The State of Application Security Practice 2016

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AppSec Tutorial: Cross Site Scripting

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Beyond Deployment Velocity: How Technology and Process Increase the Likelihood of a Successful, Secure DevOps Initiative

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How to Make Security Part of Your Development Process

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The Great Debate: The State of Application Security

How Do Vulnerabilities Get Into Software?

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Revealing the Truth Behind Software Security Myths and Realities

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Selecting an Application Security Testing Vendor

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Badlock: What You Need to Know

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SANS Webinar: Getting Started with Web Application Security

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Benchmarking AppSec: A Metrics Pyramid

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How Your Applications Can Protect Themselves from Cyberthreats

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SANS - Why You Need Application Security

Understanding and Responding to IT Security Vulnerabilities

Understanding and Responding to IT Security Vulnerabilities

Build Your Software Securely

Build Your Software Securely

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Exploiting XML Entity Vulnerabilities - Black Hat Webcast Series

 Board’s Perspective on Cybersecurity

Understanding the Board’s Perspective on Cybersecurity

Mobile Applications Bridging the Gap Between Employee Productivity and Corporate Risk

Mobile Applications: Bridging the Gap Between Employee Productivity and Corporate Risk


SANS - What You Need To Know About Stagefright

The Fantastic Four: Metrics You Can’t Ignore When Reducing Application-Layer Risk

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NYSE Survey: Understanding Cybersecurity in the Boardroom

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Not In My Backyard: How the Internet of Things Introduces Risk to Daily Life

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8 Practical Tips to Link Risk and Security to Corporate Performance