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Analyst Reports

Business and Economic Consequences of Inadequate Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks cost UK businesses £18 billion in lost revenue and £16 billion in increased IT spending per year as a result of breaches. And the issue is widespread — 81 percent of UK businesses reported a breach in 2014.

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Third-Party Application Security Risk: The Elephant in the Room Is Finally Getting Talked About

Awareness is growing around the importance of application security, particularly when the software comes from third parties. At the same time, CISOs trying to address that risk are facing a maze of technical, legal and organizational constraints.

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Market Trends: DevOps

According to Gartner, DevOps will be a mainstream strategy by 2016. In turn, organizations will need solutions — including those for security — that facilitate DevOps. These solutions will need to align with the DevOps philosophy, which Gartner defines as “focused on the adoption of agile and lean methodologies and a collaborative relationship between development (Dev) and operations (Ops), with a singular goal of timely, successful application production rollout.”

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Case Studies

A State Government Protects Citizen Data by Securing Applications

State government rolls out application testing across 14 state agencies, fixing 28,000 flaws in the first year of the program.

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Global Industrial Manufacturer Secures its Software Supply Chain

With concern rising about the risk of advanced persistent threats from compromised supply chains, and breaches due to vulnerable third party software, a global industrial manufacturing company did an ad hoc audit of its purchased software – and found more than 90% of its purchased applications had critical security vulnerabilities. With Veracode's built-to-scale cloud platform and systematic approach for risk reduction, the company built a third party software security program that drove security requirements into contract language, onboarded 100 vendor applications in the first year of the program, and worked with vendors to fix over 10,000 vulnerabilities.

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Global Media and Technology Company Gains Visibility into Mobile App Perimeter

A global media and technology company had little control over the quality or security of the apps published to iTunes or Playstore. Using Veracode’s cloud-based service, the company gained visibility into its mobile app perimeter, finding it had 100% more apps published than originally thought. Through finding these apps and assessing their behavior, the company ensured all published apps adhere to its app policies for security and privacy and gain tighter control of its mobile footprint.

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The ISV Experience: Security Gains, Cost Savings, and Business Benefits

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring Sean Owens of Forrester Research and Anne Nielsen of Veracode for a sneak peek into how this study found independent software suppliers benefited from Veracode, and how you can use this analysis to develop your own business case. 

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Responsive AppSec: Maintaining Development Agility With Application Security Testing

Join Darren P. Meyer as he discusses how development teams can help build and improve application security programs.

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Why Enterprises Are Finally Discussing the Elephant in the Room

During this webinar, 451 Research Analyst Wendy Nather will present the findings from a series of in-depth interviews with security executives regarding how they are working to secure the software supply chain. Additionally, Chris Wysopal, Veracode co-founder and CISO, will provide analysis of how enterprises are addressing this growing challenge.

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State of Software Security

State of Software Security Volume 6: Focus on Industry Verticals

The Veracode State of Software Security Report helps CISOs and application security professionals make informed decisions about their application risk. We are often asked by our customers to benchmark their performance. They ask questions such as, “Do I have more serious security vulnerabilities than my peers?” and “What percentage of vulnerabilities do my peers remediate?” In this report, we present data that can help you answer those questions for your organization.

Volume 6 (20 Pages)

June 23, 2015

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State of Software Security Report Volume 5

This report examines application security quality, remediation and policy compliance statistics and trends. Our analysis of tens of thousands of applications with Veracode's cloud-based platform found that 87% of web applications are not compliant with the OWASP Top 10, while 69% of non-web applications  are not compliant with the CWE/SANS Top 25.  

The data analyzed represents multiple security testing methodologies (including static binary, dynamic and manual pen testingl) on a wide range of application types (web, mobile and legacy/non-web) and programming languages (including Java, C/C++, .NET, PHP and ColdFusion). We also expanded our analysis of the mobile vulnerability landscape with sections on Android, iOS and Blackberry applications. The resulting intelligence is unique in the breadth and depth it offers.

Volume 5 (40 Pages)
April 8th, 2013

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Veracode State of Software Security Report – Feature Supplement on Public Companies

Veracode has been publishing a semi-annual State of Software Security (SOSS) report since 2010. Over time we have received significant interest in our findings and numerous requests to investigate the dataset from many different perspectives that may not be routinely covered in our semi-annual reports. To satisfy the curiosity of our readers and to allow us to extend our investigation to topical areas, we are moving to a new reporting format in 2012. This year we are publishing shorter feature supplements that are designed to address a particular, focused topic, and only release the full SOSS report once a year. This report is the first feature supplement for 2012.

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Cybersecurity in the Boardroom

The connection between cybersecurity and a company’s bottom line is crystal clear to board members – and they’re worried. In fact, more than 80 percent of respondents discuss cybersecurity at most or all boardroom meetings. CISOs can become more effective, strategic leaders by understanding prevailing thought before stepping foot into the boardroom.

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2015 State of Application Security: Closing the Gap

As software applications are increasingly distributed through cloud and mobile platforms, the risk of vulnerabilities affecting enterprises rises. Both builders and defenders of apps are well aware that these new types of applications—and the languages and frameworks they are developed in—pose substantial, complex risks.

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2014: The Year of the Application Layer Breach

The rise of the digital economy means the world now runs on applications. As a result, every company is becoming a software company. Yet, research done by IDG revealed that almost two-thirds of applications are not assessed for security.  

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Application Security and Security Awareness Training

Veracode’s course-based eLearning empowers software developers, testers and security leads to develop secure applications from inception to deployment, providing the critical skills they need to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. By using Veracode’s turnkey eLearning program customers can quickly onboard all employees, including geographically diverse development teams, with the security knowledge needed to prevent a potential breach and meet compliance requirements.

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Automated App Blacklisting for MDM Systems

Integration between Veracode and MDM platforms, including MobileIron, IBM MaaS360/ Fiberlink, and AirWatch, enables IT teams to automatically enforce what actions to take when Veracode identifies apps that are not compliant with policy or have a high malware rating. 

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Mobile App Reputation and Risk Management for IBM Fiberlink

Veracode’s cloud-based app reputation service provides behavioral intelligence about mobile apps to help you determine which apps violate corporate policies for security and privacy. Our integration with IBM Fiberlink MaaS360 uses automated workflows and centralized policies to give IT full visibility and control of app risks in a scalable way.

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Developer Research

Anti-Debugging – A Developers View

Anti-debugging is the implementation of one or more techniques within computer code that hinders attempts at reverse engineering or debugging a target binary. Within this paper we will present a number of the known methods of antidebugging in a fashion that is easy to implement for a developer of moderate expertise.

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Protecting Your Organization from Application Backdoors

Backdoors and malicious code pose significant operational risk to software that is too significant for organizations to ignore. This whitepaper discusses how binary (compiled code) analysis is the ideal platform for detecting backdoors and conducting the most complete independent security test, validation and verification of applications.

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A New Taxonomy for Application Backdoors | Veracode

This technical whitepaper describes a new way to classify backdoor vulnerabilities in applications and discusses static detection of backdoors.          

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Veracode: Preparing and Submitting Your Application (05:43)

View the demo of Veracode's Platform. Learn how to create an Application Profile and Submit your application for analysis.

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Veracode: Understanding and Interpreting Your Results (11:34)

View the demo of Veracode's Platform. Learn how to access and understand your results once the scan has completed. You will see how to access the summary and detailed results and also how to use Veracode's developer tools.

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eLearning Demo (06:49)

View this demo of Veracode eLearning. Veracode eLearning integrates a security knowledge base and web-based secure programming training courses for developers and security personnel to meet formal training and testing requirements. 

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