Secure Your Code as you Develop - That's DevSecOps

Deliver applications faster and meet your development timelines by writing secure code, the first time. CA Veracode Greenlight brings security scanning right into your IDE as you are coding, returning most scans in seconds. Think of it as your own personal security coach, highlighting the parts of your code that are vulnerable, and providing helpful tips on how to fix it. Becoming a better developer starts with ensuring that you are committing code with the fewest security flaws possible.

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Scan Before You Commit Your Code

CA Veracode gives you the ability to scan your code, right in your favorite IDE, while you are coding. Whether you are coding in Java, Javascript, C#, or VB.NET, CA Veracode Greenlight has you covered. You’ll receive positive feedback when you are correctly using secure coding practices, as well as instant insight into any security flaws that are discovered.

Receive instant insights into:

  • Severity of the flaw
  • Flaw type, like SQL Injection or Cross Site Scripting
  • The associated CWE
  • Line of code where the flaw is located

Fix Flaws Faster

The majority of the scans done with CA Veracode Greenlight complete in seconds (mileage may vary by programming language). This means you are getting feedback before you get too far, that’s the speed of DevSecOps. CA Veracode Greenlight scans files, classes, or small packages and delivers those results back to your IDE in seconds. It’s a personal security coach while you code, pointing out security flaws right away so you can fix them immediately.


You work best when security tools don’t get in your way, which is why CA Veracode Greenlight integrates with Eclipse, IntelliJ, and Visual Studio. Before checking in your code, you will have already scanned the file you’re working on, reviewed any security flaws, triaged the results, and fixed it on the spot.

Become A Better Developer With CA Veracode

This isn’t just about your code, this is about you! Our aim with CA Veracode Greenlight is to help developers around the world, such as yourself, build better and more secure code. Every day you are building the applications that are powering our entire world, and we want to make sure we are giving you the tools to be successful today and tomorrow.

  • No “Scan & Scold” – fix your flaw before you even commit your code
  • Better remediation advice with code examples
  • Positive feedback when best practices are followed
  • In line education, learning as you code
  • Become a better developer – build your career around it

Continuous Testing With Auto-scan

We know you don’t want to commit insecure code. You are required to build and deploy applications faster today than ever before, and it’s important that your security testing can keep up with you. With our Auto-Scan feature, CA Veracode Greenlight can continuously scan your code while you are developing. With a single click, it will take you right to the spot in your code where the flaw is located.

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Power Of The CA Veracode Experience

Benefit from over ten years and 6 trillion lines of code scanned by our proprietary binary scanner. This includes lexical, control flow and data flow analysis to find as many flaws as possible. We also have industry leading low false positive and high true positive results. No need to tweak or suppress rules. The CA Veracode application security platform learns with every scan across all customers to provide you with the best results.

Scalable Experience With The CA Veracode Cloud

No on-premises equipment to install and maintain. Our simple IDE plugin connects you directly to the CA Veracode Cloud, providing much lower false positive rate while maintaining fully automated rapid turn around of results -- the SaaS-based CA Veracode Application Security Platform continually learns from every application scan and developer consultation, and drives toward full automation of low false positive rates.

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