What makes it fun to work at Veracode?

Veracode was founded by world-class security experts — and it continues to attract top problem solvers in the industry.

At Veracode, we offer a fundamentally different approach to application-layer security — one that's simpler and more scalable than legacy on-premises approaches. Our subscription-based service combines a powerful, cloud-based platform with deep security expertise and best practices for managing enterprise-wide governance programs.

So that enterprises can speed their innovations to market — without sacrificing security. 

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Culture club

We're growing fast and working hard, so we make it a priority to infuse energy and fun in all our pursuits.

The Culture Club is a group of Veracode employees that act as our “ambassadors of fun” by creating programs, parties and other activities to channel our enthusiasm for our Veracode community. 



At Veracode, we believe in accelerating the innovative spirit of our employees. To help achieve that, and also have some fun, we have annual Hackathons during which virtually everyone spends three days working on any project that interests and excites them — and teaches them something. Projects range from feature additions, code visualizations and patentable technologies to wearable technology, programming LEDs and baking. The event is an opportunity for every employee to learn something new and grow their skills — and maybe invent something cool.


Learning group

The Learning Group was established as a way for Veracoders to share knowledge and cross-pollinate ideas with other functional areas within the company. The group meets once a week to test-drive concepts and engage in creative problem solving. Topics covered have included malware analysis, reverse engineering and exploitation. We’re open for learning about and working on anything, even if it isn’t work related. 


404 club

Every Friday, our employees gather at 4:04 p.m. for refreshments, as an opportunity to collaborate on ideas, mingle with coworkers and share some laughs. Can you guess how 404 got its name? (Yup, it’s not just about the time of day.) 


Fueling innovation

Our employees work hard and can build up an appetite doing so. We make sure they're well-fed with a wide variety of drinks, snacks and breakfasts to keep them fully charged.