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Veracode Security Program Management

Scale your application security program without adding headcount

Companies getting started with application security often underestimate the effort it takes to manage risk for more than ten applications. Veracode typically sees programs fail for two reasons: Lack of experience in running an application security program, and the inability to hire enough qualified staff to run application security tools at scale. Very few application security managers have run large programs before and have the experience to predict ramp up and adoption. The global shortage of security professionals also makes it difficult to hire enough people to coordinate between development and security teams, often resulting in frustration on both sides and slow adoption.

Organizations using Veracode Security Program Management reduce risk by growing their application coverage by 25% each year, decreasing their time to deployment and demonstrating better scan and remediation metrics.

~ Veracode

Veracode Security Program Management (SPM) helps enterprises map out their strategy and deliver results. Veracode has been involved with thousands of application security programs over the past 10 years. We help you with security program readiness and execution so you don’t have to find and retain highly specialized talent. As a result, we see customers who use Veracode SPM grow their application coverage by 25% each year, decrease their time to deployment and achieve better scan and remediation metrics. Most importantly, our security program managers ensure that your program stays on track to meet your strategic goals.

Extend your team with program management experienced in application security

Veracode’s security program managers will partner with you to develop your application security program strategy, handle the operational effort to get you there, and report back regularly to ensure that you are achieving your organizational goals. Having run thousands of application security programs for more than 10 years, we know which activities are critical for success, what metrics to track, and how to optimize your processes. We help you with the strategy of how to engage development teams and outside vendors as well as getting key stakeholders on board. Finally, our security program team works hand-in-hand with your development teams to ensure they are finding and remediating vulnerabilities, helping remove roadblocks, and tracking progress across the organization.

Scale your program faster without hunting for talent

Veracode customers who work with our security program managers grow their application coverage by 25% each year, decrease their time to deployment and demonstrate better vulnerability detection and remediation metrics. You won’t have to find and retain professionals that have experience in both program management and application security, which can be a big challenge even in areas with a large talent pool. To ensure continuity and efficiency, you’ll be paired with a named security program manager in your region.

“It’s even harder to find senior resources who have the combination of security and business skills to drive a successful application security program: the estimated demand is 10 to 30 times larger than the available supply for security program managers.”

~ RAND Corporation, “Hackers Wanted: An Examination of the Cybersecurity Labor Market”

Leverage specialized application security and product knowledge

Generic program management services often lack experience with application security programs and won’t be able to advise you on program strategy. Veracode security program managers can draw on benchmarks and success metrics from thousands of application security programs and have detailed knowledge of Veracode products and best practices. Security program managers collaborate with their Veracode colleagues to coordinate on developer consultations, remediation advisory services, mitigation proposal reports, manual penetration tests, and vendor application security testing programs to help you achieve your corporate goals.

Manage your entire application security program on a single platform

The Veracode Application Security Platform is home to over 45,000 developers and security professionals. It enables you to manage your program by combining a variety of automated and manual test results, tracking policy compliance for all of your applications, and coordinating remediation efforts. Veracode will report on your application security program progress and conduct business reviews with you and share materials with you that demonstrate your progress with the program.

Contact Veracode to discuss which level of security program management is right for you.

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