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Manage Your AppSec Program

Defining an application security program for your organization is a daunting task, and finding seasoned application security experts is a challenge. Whether you are struggling to figure out where to start or trying to scale an established application security program, getting help from people with experience can improve the effectiveness and maturity of your program. Our experienced Security Program Managers help you define the goals of your program, onboard and answer questions about Veracode products, and work with your teams to ensure that your program stays on track and continues to mature. Veracode Security Program Management helps you take the most direct path to success.



Security Program Management - experienced team of experts

An experienced team of experts

With more than a decade of experience building AppSec programs across thousands of customers, Veracode’s Security Program Management practice has built-up a wealth of knowledge about the keys to a successful program. Our experts leverage industry best practices to guide you through starting and scaling an application security program, by delivering metrics and measuring KPIs that demonstrate your program’s success to your management team.

Security Program Management - how our experts help you

How Our Experts Help You

Security Progam Managers partner with your organization to support the necessary organizational changes required to introduce, grow, and maintain application security within your development processes. This includes enabling your team and evolving your processes while finding the optimal technical solutions to integrate/automate your security assessment efforts.

Security Program Management - leverage specialists for added value

Leverage Specialists for Added Value

Veracode customers who work with our Security Program Managers scale their application coverage by an average of 25 percent per year. Security Program Managers also reduce the time needed to deploy and mature your application security program and lessen your risk of failure, saving you money while helping you become more secure.

Security Program Management - manage your program in one unified platform

Manage Your Program in One Unified Platform

With Veracode's unified platform, you’ll be able to centrally govern your application security activities, while prioritizing your remediation efforts with reports that are easy to understand and delegate to the teams responsible. The centralized view makes it easier to create and manage security policies and get attestations for government and industry regulations.