appsec breaches ebook

Application-layer Breaches Persist in 2015

5 principles securing devops resource

Five Principles For Securing Dev Ops

journey appsec program resource

Your Journey to an Advanced Application Security Program

combating vulnerabilities

Combating the Top 4 Sources of Software Vulnerabilities

Selling Your Org Appsec

Selling Your Organization on Application Security

5 appsec facts gbook

Five Application Security Facts That Aren't True

desirable developer

Showing Your Skills: How to Become a Star Developer

appsec journey

Top 6 Tips for Explaining Why Your Application Security Journey Is Just Beginning

CISO kit

CISO Kit for Application Security

sense of security resource

Sense of Security: Evaluating Your AppSec Needs

your guide to app sec solutions resource

Your Guide to Application Security Solutions

why appsec program necessary software you sell resource

Why an AppSec Program is Necessary for the Software You Sell

appsec means business resources widget

Application Security Means Business for Software Vendors

3 essential secure software customers resource

3 Essential Best Practices for Creating Secure Software for Customers

proving performance metrics resources widget

Proving Performance: Using Metrics to Build a Case for AppSec

3 Quick Wins with Web AppSec

Quick Win: 3 Steps to Get Started with Web Application Security

How Do Vulnerabilities Get Into Software?

Quick wins defensive about appsec resources

Quick Wins: Why You Must Get Defensive About Application Security

Joining Forces: Why Your App Sec Initiative Needs Stakeholder Buy-In

Security ecosystem resource

How Application Security fits into the Security Ecosystem

Cracking code resources

Cracking the Code on Application Security Buy-in

AppSec Fallacies

Application Security Fallacies and Realities

Getting started with appsec

Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Application Security

FS-ISAC Software Control Types

Appropriate Software Security Control Types for Third-Party Service and Product Providers

The Year of the Application Layer Breach

2014: The Year of the Application Layer Breach

Five Steps for Preparing for a Vulnerability Disclosure

Five Steps for Preparing for a Vulnerability Disclosure

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Supply Chain Transformations

7 Habits of Successful Supply Chain Transformations

Threats modeling Designing for Security

THREAT MODELING: Designing for Security

8 Patterns of Secure Agile Teams

8 Patterns of Secure Agile Teams

Hacking Exposed: Web and Database Hacking

Hacking Exposed 7 - Chapter 10: Web and Database Hacking

Serious About Protecting Vendor Intellectual Property

Serious About Protecting Vendor Intellectual Property

Protecting Your Organization From Application Backdoors

Protecting Your Organization from Application Backdoors




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