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Software is the very fabric of modern society. Whether you are finding new ways to treat disease, improve education, combat climate change, or streamline banking, your company is changing the world and using software to do it. But if the software you are developing or buying is insecure, you can’t achieve your vision – no matter how important or innovative it is. That’s where Veracode comes in. We help you secure the software you build, buy, and download so that you can boldly focus on your mission.

You change the world, we’ll secure it. 

Scroll below and learn about our presence at the Infosec conference in 2019.

Infosec Conference Page - 2019 - Speaking Sessions

Speaking Sessions at Infosec 2019

  • Why do Software Flaws Persist So Long After Being Discovered?

    • Speaker: Paul Farrington, EMEA CTO
    • Date: Wednesday 5th June
    • Time: 12:00 PM - 12:25 PM
    • Theatre: Strategy Talks
    • Abstract: It takes time to fix security flaws. But developers simply can’t wave a magic wand over the portfolio to fix the majority of flaws in an instant, or even a week, or a month. In addition, many other factors come into play – product release cycles, quality assessment, and business criticality of applications – that change the rate at which certain vulnerabilities are fixed. Paul Farrington, security architect at Veracode, will present data from the annual State of Software Security Report, with a focus on how European companies compare to U.S.-based companies in fixing flaws.
  • Challenges in Securing Open Source Components

    • Speaker: John Smith, Director of Solutions Architect
    • Date: Wednesday 5th June
    • Time: 13:20 PM - 13:45 PM
    • Theatre: Technology Showcase
    • Abstract: Open Source Components can provide a huge advantage for software developers in terms of speed of delivery and range of functionality but they can also represent a huge risk in terms of Security and License Compliance. During this session we will review the challenges that organisations face when attempting to address the Risks of Open Source Components and how the Veracode Software Composition Analysis solution will help them to gain the benefits of OSS without the risks.
  • Security Workshop

    • Speaker: Boy Baukema and Mateusz Krzeszowiec, Senior Application Security Consultants
    • Date: Wednesday 5th June
    • Time: 14:00 PM - 16:00 PM
    • Theatre: Security Workshop 4
    • Abstract: Synopsis: In this workshop we’ll be diving into the definition, detection and remediation of injection type flaws, specifically unsafe reflection and deserialisation. We’ll discuss how reflection caused the Equifax breach, then we will exploit and fix our own unsafe reflection and deserialisation flaws on a cloud hosted virtual machine.
Infosec Conference Page - 2019 - Visit Our Booth



Visit our Booth(B160) to meet the Veracode team and learn about the exciting world of Application Security. You can have a bespoke demo taking you through our holistic platform - delve into each of our products including Veracode Software Composition Analysis for open source security, Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan for fast, real time analysis testing of code in your IDE or pipeline, our updated Veracode Dynamic Analysis for scanning web applications, including single-page apps and Veracode’s market leading service offering.

Also on our stand you can:

  • Enjoy a hot beverage expertly brewed by our on-stand artisan Barista
  • Create your own personalised Veracode t-shirt, printed by our hand-held t-shirt printer
  • Take part in our ‘Shout About AppSec’ competition to be in for a chance to win an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset – (scroll down for competition details below)


Infosec Conference Page - 2019 - Shout About AppSec Competition



For a chance to win an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, post a picture with the Veracode booth on either Twitter or Linkedin with the hashtag #VeracodeInfosec19 for automatic entry into our Shout about Appsec competition – winner to be announced 11th of June.



Our EMEA Executives and Services lead are available for one-to-one meetings.

  • Paul Farrington

    Paul Farrington

  • Grant Robinson

    Grant Robinson

    VP Solutions Architect
  • Pal Kondell

    VP Sales EMEA
  • Thomas Rossdale

    Services Business Development Manager


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