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State of Software Security 2024: Addressing the Threat of Security Debt

Thursday, February 15th, 11AM EST
2024-02-15 11:00:00
2024-02-15 12:00:00
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About this event

The State of Software Security in 2024 is vastly different to that in years past, largely due to the rise in AI and its impact in software development. The explosion in AI-generated code raises concerns about security debt on a vastly different scale. While AI boosts development productivity, it doesn’t inherently enhance code security.

In this year’s report we examine how organizations accumulate security debt over time and its implications on their security posture. We look at risk associated with open-source libraries and how you can make informed decisions about libraries you choose. 

Join Chris Eng, Chief Research Officer at Veracode and Chris Wysopal, Chief Technology Officer at Veracode, as they take a deep dive on the key findings in this year’s report and the challenges that CISOs, DevOps teams and Developers face in a rapidly changing environment.

What you’ll learn:

  • Flaws that stick around longer than a year become security debt. That occurs in 42% of applications and 71% of all organizations.
  • Continuous scanning must be accompanied by continuous remediation to be effective.
  • Development teams that fix flaws the fastest are 4x less likely to let critical security debt materialize in their applications.

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State of Software Security 2024: Addressing the Threat of Security Debt

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