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Veracode Booth 1240

Veracode delivers the application security solutions and services today’s software-driven world requires. Find out how at Booth #1240! While you’re at our booth, be sure to ask about:

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Empower your development team to code more securely, without slowing them down. Veracode eLearning helps developers recognize potential security risks with quick, bite-sized tutorials. It works: developers using eLearning fix up to 30% more flaws than those without eLearning. Don’t pass up the free trial!

Our Recent Product Announcements:
Runtime Application Protection: Enable secure application deployments without operational maintenance.

Developer Sandbox: Enables dev teams to test and fix code between releases without triggering a failed policy compliance report to the security team

Be Sure to Check Out These Veracode Sessions

Hiring and Managing A Top-Flight Security Staff Panel

Abstract: With so many tasks and threats in front of them – and so few skilled staff available – today’s CISOs and security administrators are constantly struggling to make the best possible use out of the people they have. In this panel discussion, CISOs from top companies will offer their insights on how to find and hire skilled security pros, how to train them, how to pay/incent them, and how to deploy them for maximum effectiveness. The panelists will also offer advice on how to do more security tasks with fewer people, and how to quickly train entry-level staffers to handle more complex and critical tasks.
Date/Time: Wednesday, 16:20 - 17:10
Location: Reef C
Moderator: Tim Wilson, Dark Reading
Panelists: Chris Eng, Adam Ely, Richard Rushing

Esoteric Exfiltration

Abstract: When the machines rise up and take away our freedom to communicate, we're going to need a way out. Exfiltration of data across trust boundaries will be our only means of communication. How do we do that when the infrastructure we built to defend ourselves is the very boundary we must defeat? We use the same pathways we used to, but bend the rules to meet our needs. Whether it’s breaking protocol, attaching payloads or pirating the airwaves, we'll find a way. In this session, we’ll cover using a custom server application to accept “benign” traffic, using social and file sharing to hide messages, as well as demo some long-range mesh RF hardware you can drop at a target for maximum covert ops.
Date/Time: Saturday, 16:30
Speaker: Willa Cassandra Riggins, Senior Penetration Tester

Highlights from the Matasano Challenges at the Crypto & Privacy Village Workshop

Abstract: The Matasano Challenges were a set of challenges designed to increase understanding of weaknesses in implementations of cryptosystems. In this workshop, we will work through a selection of challenges that will give exposure to a variety of attacks. The goal of this workshop is to allow participants to more carefully consider decisions when designing systems that use cryptography as well as how to assess other systems.
Date/Time: Saturday, 16:00
Speaker: Matt Cheung, QA Engineer

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