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AWS Page - 2 - Veracode Integrates with AWS CodeStar

Veracode Integrates with AWS CodeStar


AWS CodeStar makes it easy for you to set up your entire development and continuous delivery toolchain for coding, building, testing, and deploying your application code. Veracode provides integrated support for the AWS CodeStar services, allowing you to initiate application analysis from CodeBuild and CodePipeline for code that is stored in CodeCommit.

AWS Page - 3 - Veracode Scans AWS Lambda Code

Veracode Scans AWS Lambda Code


In addition to the broad languages and framework support Veracode offers in our application analysis, we’ve recently added support for AWS Lambda functions. As organizations modernize their applications, many apps are using AWS Lambda functions. Veracode is able to detect entry-points and help identify vulnerabilities that exist in these functions. Support exists for Python, Node.JS, and Java.

AWS Page - Use AWS SDKs With Confidence

Use AWS SDKs With Confidence


AWS SDKs make it easy to integrate your application, library or script with AWS services including Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon SWF. Veracode currently covers the AWS SDKs for Python and JavaScript in Node.js with more coverage coming soon. Veracode is the first application security vendor to support static analysis testing for AWS SDK for Python (Boto3), providing you with high-quality results. For more information, see our help center.

AWS Page - 2 - Achieved the AWS DevOps Competency

Achieved the AWS DevOps Competency

Veracode has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps Competency status. The designation recognizes that Veracode provides proven technical proficiency and customer success to help organizations implement continuous integration and delivery practices on AWS. 

AWS Page - Veracode is available on the AWS Marketplace

Veracode is available on the AWS Marketplace

Now available for AWS customers, you can procure Veracode products and services through the AWS Marketplace to ensure the applications you build, buy and deploy across your AWS environment are secure. Through Marketplace Private Offer, we will engage with you to provide product pricing and information. For customers participating in AWS’ Enterprise Discount Program (EDP), this provides an opportunity to apply Veracode investments toward your AWS spending obligations and helps simplify software licensing and procurement.

Our hands-on developer training tool, Security Labs, can be purchased through AWS Marketplace public listing as well as private offer.

AWS Page - 4 - Veracode Runs On AWS

Veracode Runs On AWS


When building for the cloud, you need a security solution that was born in the cloud. As organizations move toward DevSecOps, they must increase speed and scalability. Veracode delivers on these needs through solutions built on robust and scalable AWS services. Veracode architects new solutions on AWS services from the ground up, using services like Lambda and KMS. Check out our AWS This Is My Code video and the case study on how we use AWS Lambda.


AWS Page - 6 - Veracode is an APN Advanced Technology Partner

Veracode is an APN Advanced Technology Partner


As an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), Veracode works with AWS to deliver the best value to our customers. Veracode has passed the AWS Well Architected Framework review. Our AWS Certified Solutions Architects have deep knowledge of the AWS ecosystem to help advise our customers.