Veracode + AWS

Intelligent Software Security for Your Cloud Applications

Learn how Veracode and AWS can help you deliver secure applications at scale.

Security Delivered at the Scale You Need it

You’re using AWS to avoid the headaches of managing infrastructure, so make sure your application security tools to match. Veracode has been delivered from the cloud since day one, no one understands cloud operations like we do.

Securely Code with Confidence

Veracode speaks your language, whether it’s Java, Python or Klingon; we scan all the most popular languages used in cloud apps. Our advanced security tools integrate with your SDLC, plus offer powerful reporting tools for insight and analysis.

Trust comes as standard – even for AI

DevOps and Security Software AWS competencies attest to Veracode’s ability to deliver advanced security integrated with your workflow. Our AI has been trained from proprietary data and reference solutions, complimented by real people that can help you implement anything from a complex code fix, to an entire application security program.

Success Stories: Real Results from Veracode Customers


Remediate Flaws in Moments with Veracode Fix

Vulnerabilities are being created faster than developers can remediate them. While part of the solution is better developer training, the rate of new code development, both human and AI assisted,  needs a new approach. Veracode fix provides augmented remediation of discovered vulnerabilities. Trained from 17 years of Veracode experience, Veracode fix isn’t just AI, it’s responsible, reliable AI that’s defended against many of the problems that are likely to make it into the OWASP top 10 for LLM’s.  

Scan in the Repo, the IDE, the pipeline, and the Container Engine

Veracode works where you work.  Veracode can scan GitHub repos, integrate into IDEs, run in pipelines, and through a web UI. Security should fit into your software development workflow, not require awkward diversions.  Veracode works with AWS development tools like CodeBuild, to integrate our SaaS based security services into your SaaS based development pipelines. 

Security across your cloud-native applications on AWS

Cloud native development needs security that understands serverless, containers, APIs, and Infrastructure as Code. Veracode can evaluate the API calls your code uses to interact with AWS and has full support for scanning serverless functions and Amazon CloudFormation templates.   

Policy, Visibility and Assurance

We all know that high-trust teams maximize performance. High trust security maximizes development velocity, reduces time to value, and makes everyone’s day just a bit better. Veracode helps your team develop trust through low false positives, robust policy implementations, and great visibility. When your security team can set policy, your developers trust the findings, and your CISO can see results, your security program becomes an enabler, not a bottleneck.

Get Live Insights from Coding Experts

Get prescriptive guidance to plan, build and mature your organizations shift to the cloud with Veracode Customer Success Packages. Veracode customers can get live help remediating vulnerabilities from Veracode’s dedicated team who will work with you to create secure code solutions to difficult problems.

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Advanced, Competent and Well-architected

As an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network, Veracode works with AWS to deliver the best solutions for our customers. Veracode has passed the AWS Well Architected Framework review, and we hold the AWS Security and DevOps Competencies. It’s not surprising, since Veracode runs on AWS.

Ways to Buy

Veracode is available on the AWS marketplace via a Marketplace Private Offer, and customers engaging in the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) can apply Veracode investments towards their AWS spending obligations.

In addition, our hands-on developer training tool, Security Labs, can be purchased through AWS Marketplace public listing as well as private offer.

Of course, of you’d rather buy another way, contact us to explore your options.

Find out how Veracode can secure your applications built on AWS