Automation. Centralization. Comprehensive controls.

Streamline Compliance

According to the Verizon PCI Compliance Report, 84% of organizations that suffered a data breach were out of compliance with application-layer security controls (Requirement 6) — compared to an average of only 47% of all organizations assessed by Verizon QSAs in 2013. This suggests a strong correlation between the likelihood of suffering a data breach and non-compliance with application security.

Our platform assesses applications for compliance with standard controls such as PCI, the OWASP Top 10 and the CWE/SANS Top 25. Policies can easily be customized to support specific corporate audit requirements as well as compliance requirements for SOX, HIPAA, NIST 800-53, MAS and other mandates.

Achieve security and compliance

Strategic organizations understand that compliance does not equate to security. By implementing best practices for ongoing security, organizations can demonstrate compliance while at the same time preventing:

  • Data breaches of sensitive customer and financial data.

  • Cyber-espionage of corporate intellectual property such as business plans, new product designs and proprietary algorithms and source code.

  • Fraud due to unauthorized access by malicious insiders or outsiders.

  • Brand impact due to website defacement by cyber-activists.

  • Downtime due to outages in critical application components such as payment systems.

Simplify compliance

We help you simplify and lower the cost of compliance by automating common processes such as:

  • Compliance/audit reporting showing enterprise-wide compliance status — by business unit, development team and application — across your global application infrastructure.

  • Compliance workflows to automate tasks such as notifications about policy changes and approval workflows for compensating controls.

  • Maintaining a secure audit trail of notifications and approvals.

  • Information sharing and collaboration across multiple teams that share responsibility for achieving compliance including development, security, audit/compliance and network operations.

Continuous compliance

Organizations understand that security and compliance are not periodic one-time events but rather ongoing activities. We help deliver ongoing compliance by ensuring that:

  • Discovery searches are conducted on a regular basis to identify all web applications associated with your domain, including temporary marketing sites, international domains and sites obtained via M&A.

  • Production web applications are continuously monitored for vulnerabilities to maintain your security posture.

  • WAFs are continuously updated with security intelligence obtained from assessments.

  • Applications are automatically assessed before deployment as a standard step in the build and release process.




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