Case Studies

State of Missouri Rolls Out Scalable Application Security Program in One Year

Global insurer secure development

Global Insurer Reduces Risk of a Breach Without Slowing Down Development

A Global Industrial Manufacturer

Global Industrial Manufacturer Secures its Software Supply Chain

A Global Media and Technology

Global Media and Technology Company Gains Visibility into Mobile App Perimeter

Large Financial Services Firm

Large Financial Services Firm Implements an Ongoing Governance Program to Reduce Enterprise Risk

Forrester ROI Case Study

Forrester ROI Case Study

Global 500 Technology Companies

Global 500 Technology Company Speeds Innovation While Reducing Risk with Third-Party Governance Program for AppSec

Global Bank Scales AppSec

Global Bank Scales Application Security Program to 1,000+ Applications

Global 100 Manufacturers

Global Manufacturer Reduces Risk Across 30,000 Domains in Eight Days



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