Reputation Service

Veracode’s App Reputation Service provides behavioral intelligence about mobile applications to help you determine which mobile apps violate enterprise policies for security and privacy. The App Reputation Service integrates with mobile device management (MDM) solutions to help you implement a secure BYOD program via  automated app blacklisting.

Embedded Security 

MDM administrators can quickly determine which applications are allowed (whitelisted) or prohibited (blacklisted). You can then associate these apps with rules to specify the consequences of being out of policy, such as:

  • Selective removal of apps or data from the device

  • Prevent access to back-office business services and data

Intelligence Directory: We provide detailed intelligence about the most frequently downloaded Android and iOS applications, including indicators related to exposing corporate intellectual property, data leakage of personally identifiable information (PII), transmitting data to suspicious geo-locations, and advanced persistent malware. This directory intelligence empowers enterprises to tightly manage “Bring Your-Own-App” risks while enabling employee productivity through the implementation of granular policies.

Enforcement: Veracode enables security teams to develop granular policies to identify and manage risk and privacy violations in all of your apps, including predefined policies for:

  • Data Loss Prevention — writing to external storage or social streaming

  • Suspicious Security Behavior — rebooting the phone, recording phone calls or automatically sending emails

  • GeoLocation Privacy — monitoring device location

  • Personal Privacy — accessing contact lists, location or browser histories

Automated App Blacklisting: Veracode offers pre-built integration to the most popular Mobile Device Management solutions (MDM), including IBM MaaS360/Fiberlink, MobileIron, and AirWatch MDM. These integrations enable actioning policy decisions via automated app removal or other actions. The integrations leverage Veracode's rich set of APIs for integrating our mobile security intelligence with Mobile Device Management solutions (MDM) as well as with enterprise app stores, mobile application containers and app wrapping technologies.