Remediate 30% more vulnerabilities with developer training

CA Veracode Developer Training

Reduce costs by training developers on application security

Developers have to learn new languages, frameworks and skills throughout their careers, yet most never have the chance to learn to code securely. In turn, many developers will unknowingly introduce security vulnerabilities in their code – and lack the knowledge to fix the issues when they are identified; indeed, even the top computer science programs do not require cybersecurity classes. This becomes even more critical as development practices like DevOps compress delivery schedules, putting pressure on the development team to solve its own problems without waiting on input from overtaxed security teams. Therefore, security issues are discovered later in the cycle, when they are more expensive to fix.

In a recent survey of developers, most respondents were aware of Cross-Site Scripting, but only 11% could correctly answer what helps to protect against it.

~ Denim Group

CA Veracode Developer Training empowers developers, testers and security leads to develop secure applications, providing the critical skills they need to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. CA Veracode offers three styles of teaching that reinforce each other. Instructor-led training offers real-time training that’s tailored to your organization. On-demand training is integrated with the CA Veracode Application Security Platform and allows developers to learn when and where they need it. And just-in-time training offers refreshers and contextual recommendations to help developers fix vulnerabilities. Development organizations that leverage CA Veracode eLearning see a 30 percent higher vulnerability fix rate.

Get application security training by developers, for developers

CA Veracode Developer Training covers topics such as secure architecture & design, secure coding techniques and remediation. The training is available in two forms: CA Veracode Instructor-Led Training (ILT) is delivered by the same application security consultants who provide remediation coaching to your development team, so they can provide relevant examples and tailor the conversation to your needs. CA Veracode eLearning provides a wealth of content offered on-demand, enabling developers to learn on their own schedule, and in real-time when fixing vulnerabilities. CA Veracode Developer Training builds on CA Veracode’s real-world expertise from thousands of application security programs.

Increase your remediation rate by 30% through developer training

As developers review the findings of their CA Veracode Static Analysis or CA Veracode Web Application Scanning, the CA Veracode Application Security Platform automatically recommends eLearning courses and offers quick video tutorials to show developers how to address common vulnerabilities. CA Veracode ILT allows development teams to dive deeper into difficult vulnerability types so they have all the context they need to address the specific issues that are critical to your program.

Reach more developers through online delivery

CA Veracode ILT is delivered live via web conference so your entire security and development team can benefit. Because CA Veracode eLearning is delivered via the CA Veracode Platform, you can reach development teams no matter where on earth they reside. And our integrated SAML-based single-sign on automates developer provisioning so that you can go from a few developers to thousands without wasting time in an administrative console.

None of the top 10 computer science universities require students to take a cybersecurity class for their degree in computer science.

~ Dark Reading

Comply with PCI DSS, NIST and HIPAA

CA Veracode eLearning meets developer training needs for many common industry requirements, including PCI-DSS section 6.5, NIST 800-53 control AT-3 and HIPAA/HITRUST. Plus, developers can use their CA Veracode eLearning transcripts to earn continuing professional education (CPE) credit.

Integrate developer training into your application security program

CA Veracode has over 10 years of experience helping developers and security teams create secure applications, so our program management team can help you develop a curriculum, define goals and optimize how your team is educated. And the CA Veracode Application Security Platform enables both developers and the security program, not only delivering training but also providing management reporting and curriculum and user administration through a single cloud-based interface.

Contact us today to learn how CA Veracode Developer Training can help your development team code more securely, and get a free trial of CA Veracode eLearning.

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