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More than half of all breaches come through business applications, but only 10% of enterprises test all their critical apps. Why? Because traditional, on-premise approaches to application security slow down time-to-market.

That’s where we come in — offering a simpler and more scalable way to increase the resiliency of your global application infrastructure, without slowing innovation.

Cloud-Based Platform

Our platform gives you a simple and centralized way to secure business applications from development to production — and across your global software infrastructure — without slowing innovation.

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Binary Static Analysis (SAST)

Also known as “white-box” testing, our patented binary SAST technology finds critical vulnerabilities by performing a deep analysis of your code — including third-party components — without requiring an upload of your source code.

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Web Application Perimeter Monitoring

Rapidly inventory all your public web applications and quickly identify the most exploitable vulnerabilities. With our massively parallel, auto-scaling infrastructure, you can significantly reduce your global risk posture in days or weeks.

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Dynamic Analysis (DAST)

Also known as “black-box” testing, Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) identifies architectural weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your running web applications before cyber criminals can find and exploit them.

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Vendor Application Security

We help reduce the security risks associated with third-party software by helping you define a governance model — and then managing the entire program on your behalf.

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Foster a higher level of security awareness and proficiency among your developers with comprehensive training delivered via our cloud-based platform. Plus, our courses help you address PCI-DSS Requirement 6.5.

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