Partner Program Overview

Today, applications play a central role in business and operational processes, and companies of all sizes and in all industries are building, buying and downloading more applications than ever before. Developers are also producing apps faster than ever – augmenting their own development efforts by integrating open source components and code. These trends combine to increase both the value – and risk – of applications.

A different approach to application security – one that aligns with the new role of software and today’s development paradigms – is now key to effective information security. Veracode is at the forefront of this security transformation.

And partners are integral to our ability to deliver the application security solutions and services today’s software-driven world requires. We actively work with partners to unite our leading solutions with your team and processes. This will enable you to have the capability to address this growing need and achieve the highest levels of return on investment for you and your customers. 

As a Veracode partner, you will benefit from our world-class enterprise security technology, open APIs and dedicated sales enablement professionals who will help foster your success.

Veracode needs partners to enable customers and solve this problem by: 

  • Assisting customers with defining and implementing enterprise-wide policies, standardizing reporting and ongoing governance processes.
  • Implementing our automated workflows and pre-configured compliance reports to help customers prepare for audits, PCI assessments and OWASP Top 10 compliance assessments.
  • Tightly integrating Veracode's cloud-based service (via APIs) with customers' development and build processes.
  • Integrating application threat intelligence from Veracode's cloud-based platform with customers' WAFs and MDM solutions.
  • Creating global application inventories for customers, using our cloud-based platform to discover thousands of applications simultaneously.
  • Managing mobile, third-party or entire application security programs for enterprises.

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