Third-Party Security

Whether you work for an enterprise and want to make sure all your vendor-supplied software is secure - or you're a vendor who wants to prove to enterprises your applications comply with security standards - we can help.

If you’re like most businesses, more than two-thirds of your enterprise software portfolio — including commercial and outsourced applications, SaaS, third-party libraries and open source code — is provided by third-parties.

software portfolio makeup

Source: Quocirca

Supply chain security 

We’ll help ensure all your vendor-supplied code is up to your internal security standards by working with your vendors to assess and remediate their code, and by helping you implement a governance process for third-party software based on industry best practices.


Independent audits for ISVs

Learn how to take the time, money and effort out of proving your software is secure. As a trusted, independent party, we provide an independent audit and listing in our VerAfied Directory of your software that you can use as an alternative to self-attestation. Plus we provide detailed test results and step-by step remediation assistance so your developers can quickly remediate any critical vulnerabilities.





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