5 Ways to Find Your AppSec Zen

How Developers Can Stop

Stressing About Security

Being a developer is a pretty sweet gig, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. With security becoming a requirement, your job is getting more stressful. And you may be dealing with a lack of training or old modes of security that can slow you down.

There is another path. With the right tools, knowledge and support, you can write quality code, satisfy your compliance and AppSec teams, and seamlessly integrate security with your workflow. So you can feel good while making software that’s more secure.

Learn How to Find Your Zen

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1. Know thy code.

Try elevating your skills through eLearning courses and instructor-led training. Some AppSec vendors offer remediation coaching with technical experts.

2. Get centered.

Inconsistent AppSec standards and policies drive you crazy. You can reduce stress by lobbying for central, automated policy management.

3. Trust the cloud.

You shouldn’t have to open a separate tool for security testing. Cloud-based testing solutions make life easier with APIs and plugins that integrate with your toolchain.

4. Test yourself.

The old way of doing AppSec — manual and on-premises — doesn’t support the way you work. Break free from old-school security with tools that allow you to scan early and often.

5. Be agile.

Development needs to be agile, and security should be, too. Enlighten stakeholders about AppSec solutions that help you seamlessly integrate security, without slowing down development.

From Stressed Out to Zen

You’re under pressure to hit productivity goals, while still meeting quality and stability requirements. Your code is under constant scrutiny by security teams — and attackers looking to exploit vulnerabilities. It’s no wonder developers feel stressed out.

How are developers and development managers handling these challenges? Check out the results of our survey to see what your peers are saying, and use the resources we’ve provided to find your AppSec Zen.