XSS Cheat Sheet

Understand cross-site scripting with an XSS cheat sheet.

Cross-site Scripting, also known as XSS, is a kind of vulnerability in web applications that lets attackers add malicious code to an application to be executed in a user’s browser. While it is one of the most common application-layer web attacks today, preventing XSS is easy if you have the right information – or a superior XSS cheat sheet.

Download an XSS cheat sheet from Veracode now.

Veracode’s XSS cheat sheet: everything you need to know.

As one of the world’s leading providers of web app security testing services, Veracode offers an XSS cheat sheet that delivers a detailed overview of the threat and the ways to fix and prevent it.

  • When you download the XSS cheat sheet from Veracode, you’ll learn:
  • About the particular vulnerabilities that enable an XSS attack.
  • How an XSS attack works and how hackers mount an XSS attack.
  • The difference between persistent, DOM-based and reflected XSS.
  • Potential outcomes of a successful XSS attack.

Ways to fix code that help prevent XSS injection, including validating data input from user browsers to the web application, including all output to user browsers from the web application, and giving users the option to disable client-site scripts.

Veracode’s XSS cheat sheet also shows examples of flawed code and provides fast facts about the impact that XSS attacks have had on enterprise security.

Veracode provides cloud-based application testing and code review tools – including an SQL injection scanner - that help to find and fix flaws in software while also reducing the cost of application security. Veracode’s SaaS-based services enable development teams to add testing to every stage of the software development and procurement lifecycle, identifying and remediating vulnerabilities at points in the process where it makes most sense and incurs least expense. Veracode’s solutions include static testing, dynamic testing, software composition analysis, vendor application security testing, runtime protection, and a tool that runs in background during coding to alert developers to potential flaws as they write code.

Download Veracode’s XSS cheat sheet now.

While stopping an XSS attack is relatively easy, it’s important to take action today. Download an XSS cheat sheet from Veracode to learn about the specific steps you can take to protect your applications and your organization.

Download an XSS cheat sheet now.

Learn more about stopping Cross-site Scripting with Veracode’s XSS cheat sheet, and about Veracode solutions to stop cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks with a CSRF token.




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