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Virtual Summit Spring 2020 - DevSecOps Is a Game Changer

DevSecOps Is a Game Changer

DevSecOps makes software development faster, more precise, and more collaborative and incremental. And the responsibility for ensuring the stability and security of software moves earlier in the cycle to include developers. But what does this shift mean for security professionals? What does their job look like if developers are responsible for security testing? And what does it mean for developers, who now have security tasks and responsibilities added to their plates? And how do these teams now work together most effectively in this new landscape?

Virtual Summit Spring 2020 - Creating Secure Software About More Than Technology

Creating Secure Software About More Than Technology

The days of security and development working in silos are over. Embracing DevSecOps and creating software quickly and securely means these two teams will need to collaborate more closely than ever before. Not only will these teams need to build new relationships, but each will need new skills and knowledge. Security teams will need to develop a new understanding of development processes, tools, and priorities, and development teams will need to learn secure coding basics and best practices. This Virtual Summit gives you the blueprint you need to build the bridge between security and development. Tune in to find out:

  • What security needs to know about modern software development
  • The best practices for nurturing the development/security relationship
  • The most effective ways to scan code for security in development
  • Lessons learned from real security teams working with developers

Join our spring Virtual Summit to get details on these key aspects of integrating security into development:

  • Session #1
    Understanding Modern Software Development
    May 20, 11:00AM EST | 10:00AM CST | 8:00AM PST
    Ryan Lloyd, VP of Products, Veracode & Scott Ward, Principal Solutions Architect - Emerging Partners at AWS
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  • Session #2
    The Human Side of DevSecOps: Building Trust with Software Development
    May 20, 12:00PM EST | 11:00AM CST | 9:00AM PST
    Chris Kirsch | Director of Product Marketing, Veracode
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  • Session #3
    Creating the Technology Blueprint for Scanning for Security in Development
    May 20, 1:00PM EST | 12:00PM CST | 10:00AM PST
    Tim Jarrett & Fletcher Heisler Directors of Product Management at Veracode
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  • Session #4
    Learning from Organizations Running Successful AppSec Programs
    May 20, 2:00PM EST | 1:00PM CST | 11:00AM PST
    Pejman Pourmousa | VP of Services at Veracode & Adrian Benvenuti, VP of IT Risk and Security Architecture at Moody's
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