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CEBOS, a Division of QAD

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Since 1995, CEBOS has been providing enterprise-wide quality management system (EQMS) software and services. Quality-minded customers use the CEBOS quality management solutions in every aspect of their manufacturing business. With CEBOS EQMS, companies drive a culture of quality throughout their organizations and ensure they are in compliance with various government regulations and industry standards.

Applications achieving Verified status


Application Name: CEBOS 2018
APPLICATION DESCRIPTION: CEBOS 2018 is a fully-integrated, end-to-end, cross-functional enterprise quality management system (EQMS) product suite. It features embedded best practices based on ISO 9001 quality management standards. The solution helps organizations in such industries as automotive, industrial, high tech and consumer products become successful in their EQMS efforts. Built on an HTML platform, CEBOS 2018 is engineered for the cloud and offers flexible deployment options to integrate with other on-premise solutions.
Veracode Verified Team builds on the security processes embedded in the development lifecycle from Verified Standard to include the following security gates:

  • Assessment of open source components
  • Documentation that the application does not include Very High or High flaws
  • Documentation of a 60-day remediation deadline
  • Identification of a Security Champion within the development team to ensure secure coding practices are used across the development lifecycle
  • Provides training on secure coding best practices for the identified security champion

Learn more about the Veracode Verified program by clicking here.

The Veracode Verified directory is an online platform that enables you to view a list of companies that are in the Verified program. The companies provide applications or solutions created by such third-party companies (“Third-Party Offerings”). The Third-Party Offering, and its associated content provided to you, is subject to a separate End User License Agreement (“EULA”) with the applicable licensor.

These are Offerings that are not owned, created, licensed, or sponsored by Veracode. Veracode does not assume any liability with any Third-Party Offering and is not responsible for the quality, accuracy or nature of the Third-Party Offering or its content. Nothing in any third-party EULA shall limit, impact or supersede any of these terms.