Veracode’s Chris Eng to Present at RSA Europe

Vice President Security Research to Discuss Agile Development and BYOA Security

BURLINGTON, Mass. – October 28, 2013 - Veracode, Inc., the leader in application security, today announced that Chris Eng, vice president, security research at Veracode Will present two sessions at the RSA Conference Europe on Tuesday, October 29th and Thursday October 31st in Amsterdam. Thousands Of Apps Can't Be Wrong: Mobile Application Analysis At Scale

  • What: Are mobile apps sending date to other countries? Which apps actually track my location and what do they do with the data? Do the behaviors match the permissions requested. Using data from Veracode’s analysis of publically available mobile apps, Chris Eng will present statistics and trends and use the information to show the real risk in the mobile app ecosystem.
  • When: Tuesday, October 29 at 3:30 p.m.

Is a Secure Agile SDLC Program a Possibility?

  • What: All organizations should incorporate security into their agile development processes, however best-practices models typically assume an idealized model of how software is built. In this session, Chris Eng discusses how Veracode incorporated security into the agile development lifecycle for a product that involves anywhere from two to seven Scrum teams working in concert to ship monthly releases.
  • When: Thursday, October 31, at 11:10 a.m.


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