Veracode Shines Light on Risky Behavior of Popular Mobile Apps Used by Enterprises

BURLINGTON, Mass. – June 12, 2013 - Veracode, Inc., the leader in application security, today released data outlining the risky behavior of some of the popular mobile applications available in public and enterprises app stores. The sanctioning of BYOD policies made the rise of BYOA (Bring Your Own Apps) inevitable. While using their own devices for company business, enterprise employees are now freely downloading mobile apps on their personal device, without realizing the impact it could have on corporate data loss.

Using Veracode Mobile Application Reputation Service (MARS) to analyze the risk ratings of the most popular apps, the company found that many mobile apps pose a significant threat to enterprises embarking on mobility management or BYOD initiatives.

For example, an analysis of weather apps by Veracode MARS showed that:

  • 96% interact with sensitive data, such as contents of SIM cards, SD cards and system log files
  • 7% have access to the Contact list


A similar analysis of traffic apps by Veracode MARS found that:

  • 46% interact with sensitive data
  • 26% have access to the Contact list


Mobile applications can help improve productivity, but businesses and individuals need to stay informed on what information these apps access, and what is being done with the data once it is accessed, said Sam King, EVP Product Strategy & Corporate Development, Veracode. We are seeing mobile apps increasingly become the source of data and privacy loss by sending information to countries across the globe.

Enterprises are now faced with critical decisions on how to manage and monitor the use of mobile apps that may pose a risk to data privacy. Veracode recommends that businesses with BYOD policies start turning their attention to BYOA risks and make application security a major tenet of their mobile strategy.

Veracode recently released the Mobile Application Reputation Service (MARS), which expands upon the company's enterprise application security services to include mobile application intelligence.

For more information on MARS visit:

King will present: Shining the Light on Flashlight and the Security of Thousands of Mobile Apps during the Gartner Risk and Security Summit on June 12th.



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