Veracode Helps Parents Childproof Their Internet

BURLINGTON, Mass. – July 08, 2013 - In an effort to help parents protect children and their personal information from cyber-criminals, Veracode, Inc., the leader in application security,today released "How to Childproof your Internet" infographic.

Children are fifty times more likely to be victims of identity theft, and ten percent of children under the age of eighteen have already had their identities stolen.

Veracode's How to Childproof your Internet infographic includes information on how parents can protect their children from becoming victims of cybercrime.

These tips include:

  • Identify threats, and content that may concern parents
  • Never share personal information, passwords or account information
  • Don't share photos or videos
  • Never message, chat or agree to meet people they do not know
  • Ask before installing or downloading new software, games or applications
  • Report anyone who harasses them


The infographic includes additional tips for parents for monitoring and controlling their children's internet usage.

For the full infographic visit:



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