Vendor Application Security Testing Program (VAST) Enterprise Program

VAST Enterprise Process

In four simple steps, Software Vendors can address their software security


  • Join: CA Veracode’s cloud-based platform allows for fast implementation, meaning users can be set up and scanning in minutes. CA Veracode’s patented technology requires software binaries - not source code – to run its static binary analysis, meaning that software providers’ intellectual property is safe.
  • Test: With your full access to the CA Veracode platform and services team, you will receive the detailed results of the scan, complete with identified flaws and both written and human guidance on how to fix these vulnerabilities.
    All scanning, remediation, and discussions are kept private.
  • Attest: Once flaws are remediated, and your application passes the enterprise’s security policy, you can easily share the report attesting to the security of your software.
    In most cases this can be done directly through the platform with a few clicks.
  • Continuously Analyze: Once the initial requirements are fulfilled, the CA Veracode team will gladly work with you to include analysis capabilities directly into your SDLC. The investment you are making now to verify the security of your software will become an asset for addressing future customer requests and proactively differentiating your product for prospects. Learn more about CA Veracode’s VerAfied program and what being VerAfied can do for you.


Why work with CA Veracode to secure your software?

  • Help speed the sales procurement and acceptance process with existing customers (as well as new ones)
  • Help increase the loyalty of your installed base
  • Build your market credibility by using a trusted, independent party
  • Trust and mutual assurance on all sides of the test transaction
  • Shield your source files and give you control
  • State-of-the-art security analysis at an affordable price
  • Adopt security practices that help differentiate your product from competitors


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