Third Party Security Assessment

The challenges of third party security assessment for software.

When it comes to performing a third party security assessment of your software portfolio, the challenges can be immense. If your portfolio is like most organization’s, as much as two-thirds of your applications were acquired from commercial or outsourced vendors. And with each commercial application containing an average of 83 vulnerabilities – including many of the CWE/SANS Top 25 – that creates a lot of risk to manage, especially when you can’t gain access to the source code to determine exactly where the vulnerabilities lie.

Third party security assessment is equally difficult when procuring new applications, as most vendors are reluctant to share the source code required for static analysis. Of course, you can always conduct a third party risk assessment through manual penetration and a blackboxtest, but these methods are time-consuming and resource-intensive, and costs will mount quickly as you try to inventory risk across your entire portfolio.

Third party security assessment with Veracode.

Veracode provides a SaaS cloud security solution that makes third party security assessment and third party risk management simpler and more cost efficient. Veracode Vendor Application Security Testing (VAST) is a scalable program for testing third party applications that uses static and dynamic analysis, software composition analysis and other testing methods to deliver a simple pass or fail grade for each vendor application.

Because Veracode scans binaries to identify flaws and vulnerabilities, vendors do not need to supply source code in order to conduct tests for 3rd party risk management. Veracode’s testing services do not require specialized expertise, enabling you to manage a third party security assessment without adding additional staff. And Veracode’s third party security assessment solution simplifies evaluation of your existing applications and provides a prioritized list of flaws and suggested remediation.

Advantages of Veracode’s third party security assessment technology.

With third party security assessment solutions from Veracode, you can:

  • Improve the security of your entire portfolio by identifying risks and fixing the most significant flaws first.
  • Comply more easily with regulatory frameworks like PCI DSS, NIST SP 800-161, FS-ISAC, and MAS that require third party security assessment of supply chain risk.
  • Manage Veracode’s third party security assessment technology and other testing solutions from a unified platform that seamlessly integrates application security into all aspects of the software lifecycle.
  • Scale your testing solutions without needing to add specialized talent.
  • Improve collaboration with software vendors.

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