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EMEA Virtual Summit - Winning Formula for AppSec - Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned From Running 2,500 AppSec Programs

After 13 years of partnering with companies to deliver effective application security programs, we’ve accumulated a lot of AppSec tips and advice. In this Virtual Summit, we’ll share what we’ve learned about achieving positive AppSec outcomes. Join us to find out about the most common obstacles in AppSec programs and the best practices we have developed over the years.

EMEA Virtual Summit - Winning Formula for AppSec - Unlock AppSec

Unlock Your AppSec Potential

Application success is within reach – if you have the right keys to unlock it. Hint: It’s about more than technology. Your success hinges on enabling developers, getting the right mix of application analysis types, and having clear goals and metrics. This Virtual Summit explores these three keys to AppSec success:

  • Developer enablement: You can’t fix security findings without enabling the development team – what is the best way to do that?
  • Application analysis: Which types do you need and where do you integrate them?
  • AppSec governance: How do you define your program and then get buy-in for it?


Join our Virtual Summit to learn more about the following AppSec starting points, next steps, and destination:

  • Session #1
    DevSecOps Done Right
    March 12 11AM GMT
    Register Here
  • Session #2
    Debunking the AppSec Silver Bullet Myth
    March 12 12PM GMT
    Register Here
  • Session #3
    AppSec Beyond Technology
    March 12 1PM GMT
    Register Here
  • Session #4
    Fix What You Find With Developer Engagement
    March 12 2PM GMT
    Register Here
  • Session #5
    AppSec in Practice: The View From the Front Lines
    March 12 3PM GMT
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  • Paul Farrington

    Paul Farrington

    EMEA Chief Technology Officer
  • Brittany O'Shea

    Brittany O'Shea

    Product Marketing Manager
  • Arun Vohra

    Arun Vohra

    Services Strategy and Product Manager

  • John Smith

    John Smith

    Director, Solution Architect
  • Chris Kirch

    Chris Kirch

    Director, Product Marketing
  • Michael Man

    Michael Man

    DevSecOps Consultant
  • Stewart Dawson

    Stewart Dawson

    Global Application Security Architect