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The threat of SQL injection in Java applications.

For attacks like SQL injection, Java applications remain a primary target and the damage to an organization can be significant. An SQL injection in Java is easy for even novice hackers – a few simple lines of SQL in a web form field can provide unauthorized access to an application’s database, enabling the attacker to view or steal data or change the way the application behaves.

Preventing SQL injection Java attacks is relatively simple – applications must validate all data inputs against business-specific rules and prevent users from using queries to dynamically interact with database. But these fixes are only helpful once SQL injection Java vulnerabilities have been discovered, and few organizations have the application security and testing technology in place to identify weaknesses that could permit Java SQL injection.

The reason for this lapse in application security? Traditional testing technology has usually been cumbersome and expensive, leading to unacceptable delays in the software development process.

Veracode offers an easier, more efficient way to test software and prevent SQL injection Java attacks: a suite of cloud-based application security services that automate testing throughout the SDLC.

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Preventing SQL injection Java attacks with Veracode.

Veracode’s SaaS-based testing services let development teams and IT security administrators add automated testing protocols throughout the software development lifecycle and the procurement process. Our suite of applications security solutions can help to find and fix flaws as code is being written, while software is being assembled, and in third-party applications and open source code that is purchased or downloaded.

As a cloud-based service, Veracode lets your IT team avoid the need to deploy and manage on-premise testing solutions. And we are continually upgrading our technology and refining our testing methodologies, providing you with up-to-date defenses against a quickly evolving threat landscape.

Veracode’s solutions for avoiding SQL injection Java vulnerabilities.

Our suite of testing solutions include several technologies that can help to prevent SQL injection in Java.

  • Veracode Web Application Scanning is a web application monitoring service that continuously finds and scans your public facing web applications – even the ones you don’t know about. Lightweight and authenticated scans help to identify potential SQL injection Java flaws and other vulnerabilities.
  • Veracode Static Analysis finds SQL injection vulnerabilities and other application flaws by scanning compiled binaries, providing a list of weaknesses and recommendations for how to repair them.

Learn more about Veracode’s technology for stopping SQL injection Java attacks, and about Veracode solutions for identifying a cross site scripting vulnerability and preventing XSS attacks.

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