Application Security for Government Agencies


The federal government’s innovative applications and software are at the leading edge of IT – and cyber risk. High-value information continues to be trusted to low-value applications. At $350 billion, software represents the world’s largest manufacturing industry – but it has no uniform standards and lacks consistent policies towards security, risk, or liability. While agencies move to meet the changing compliance landscape, applications remain one of the most difficult security challenges. As the industry leader in application security, Veracode can help agencies meet compliance regulations, secure their applications, and audit third party and commercial off the shelf software.


The Department of Defense is at the front lines of today’s cyber-war. With 7 million devices deployed across 4,000 installations in 88 countries, the DoD operates some of the most advanced information systems in the world – and also the most targeted. Foreign intelligence agencies, terrorists, nation states, and criminal elements represent an advanced persistent threat to the DoD mission, exploiting new and increasing vulnerabilities at the application level. Veracode’s application security assessment offers the most robust defense against this growing cyber threat.

System Integrators

Software vendors developing technology for the government are the first line of defense against cyber attack – and the government is beginning to recognize it. Compliance measures and mandates – such as the NIST Risk Management Framework and the DoD’s DIACAP – now demand that agencies move more of the security process into the procurement process. Security has now become a differentiator in products and services that before had no overt security component. As the leader in independent software security testing and verification, Veracode can help your company deliver trusted software solutions to the government customer.

Veracode can help government agencies with:




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