Step 3. Get a Report

Show partners, customers and auditors your app is secure. Log in to CA Veracode to access detailed and summary reports and use CA Veracode's developer tools to quickly mitigate vulnerabilities. 

CA Veracode's Fix First Analyzer

CA Veracode’s Fix First Analyzer organizes flaws based not only on their severity, but the difficulty of the fix and exploitability of the vulnerability. This provides a visual guide to developers showing them exactly what flaws to fix in order to decrease the application’s risk, in the fastest amount of time, with the least amount of effort.

Actionable, Standards-Based Results

CA Veracode provides detailed remediation recommendations for each flaw discovered along with the exact line number and/or URL where the flaw was found. Each issue is linked to the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE)and other standards-based resources (i.e. OWASP, etc…) allowing for a common language based on industry standards to be shared across internal teams, outsourcers and COTS vendors. 

Continuous Improvement and Network Effects

On-premises scanning tools can overburden developers and lower their productivity due the high number of false positives. CA Veracode’s SaaS-based service pools learning across customers providing network effects and continuous improvement which result in a higher quality of results. Simply put, the more customers use the platform, the “smarter” it becomes benefiting the entire CA Veracode community.



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