Application Security Operating Controls

Operating Controls

Integrating security practices into your software development lifecycle and independently verifying security of internally developed applications before they are deployed can help mitigate risk from internal sources. Once you understand what applications are in your portfolio and their relative criticality to each other, you need to verify whether the security state of the application is in compliance with the security policy assigned to it under your Governance Model. Verification can be achieved by engaging a number of different testing techniques as the operating controls of your application security program. Veracode offers staticdynamic and manual analysis that can be performed against internally developed or third-party applications.

Veracode for SDLC:

Veracode provides enterprises with the ability to conduct independent security assessments on applications at multiple points during the software development lifecycle via a simple, cost effective, cloud-based subscription service.


Veracode for Vendors:

It is imperative to manage risk from third-parties as represented by the extended software supply chain of commercial software vendors, open source code and outsourcers. By leveraging the core innovation of static binary analysis and freeing customers from dependence on source code, Veracode for Vendors provides organizations with the only viable solution for verifying security of applications they are sourcing externally.




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