Vulnerability Remediation Consulting

A security assessment is just step one to securing your software eco-system. Your Veracode application security assessment report likely contains a long list of security issues that need to be addressed ranging from low to high criticality flaws. Step two is remediating all of the security problems uncovered. To ensure an efficient remediation plan is put into place Veracode security consultants and our partners can work with developers, quality assurance testers, auditors, and your security managers to incorporate security best practices into business processes and the software development lifecycle in order to eliminate application vulnerabilities.

Application Remediation Services

Regardless of the method or choice of analysis techniques, most businesses are not prepared to process the resulting security analysis data. Veracode and our partners provide the expertise and experience necessary to guide developers through the remediation process by identifying which vulnerabilities need to be fixed and applying industry best practices to resolve the issues as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Our partners have specialized remediation expertise to shorten the code correction process and ensure through verification that the vulnerabilities have been eliminated thus reducing the risk from insecure code.

SDLC Program Engagement

A Veracode, or our partner's, Program Manager works directly with the Enterprise Sponsor to develop and implement a strategy to utilize the Veracode Solution to fulfill the organizations Application security needs.

  • Program Managers work to define Customer's Application Risk Management Program for managing risk within their own Application portfolio. This program includes definition of security best practices.
  • Program Managers work with our clients to enable the usage of Veracode and drive to achieve the enterprise's objectives.
  • Tactically, the Program Manager engages the enterprise in several tasks associated with these strategic initiatives.

Flexible Support Packages

Veracode support packages are designed to meet customer demands across varied organizational structures and application portfolio. All Veracode automated subscription customers get access to basic support that includes phone and email support. For additional application security assistance for those enterprises with more complex application security program needs, we have designed some additional packages: