Ensure AppSec Program Success by Leveraging Veracode Customer Success Packages

Veracode Customer Success Packages

Add AppSec and Program Management Expertise to Your Team

Companies getting started with application security often underestimate the expertise and resources they need to ensure desired outcomes are achieved. Veracode typically sees organizations new to application security face challenges for a couple reasons: they are unfamiliar with what a mature program looks like, and cannot quickly hire qualified staff with a combination of application security, software development and program management skills. We find that very few of our customers have run programs before or have developed standardized processes to achieve quick developer adoption and risk reduction. Although many organizations know that building AppSec into DevOps processes is critical for success, few have the resources to implement integrations across an organization. In addition, developers often have nobody to turn to when they need help remediating a vulnerability within an application because in-house expertise either doesn’t exist or is not available to assist.

Veracode Customer Success Packages get you the right mix of program management, security consulting and advanced support to ramp up and run your application security program effectively. Veracode’s program management services consult with you to create a plan to implement your program, onboard your development teams, and provide progress reports you can share with your stakeholders. Security Consulting partners with your development organization to coach them on best practices for code remediation and secure code development. Our advanced support helps you with DevOps integrations into IDEs, WAFs, ticketing, build and GRC systems. They will also assist with build and API issues and help you set up virtual scan appliances.

Ensure Quick Success With Experienced Security Program Management

Veracode Security Program Management (SPM) helps enterprises develop their application security strategy and deliver results. Veracode has been involved with thousands of application security programs over the past 10 years. We use this experience, plus industry best practices, to help define program goals and objectives, execute on daily tasks such as developer onboarding, and drive program optimization by delivering business reviews, which include metrics and recommendations you can report back to your business. As a result, we see customers who use Veracode SPM grow their application coverage by 25 percent each year, decrease their time to deployment and achieve better scan and remediation metrics. Most importantly, our Security Program Managers ensure that your program stays on track to meet your strategic goals and outcomes.

Remediate Vulnerabilities Faster With Coaching From Other Developers

If you are a developer without a formal background in application security, it can be tough to understand the specifics of a vulnerability and how to remediate it. While many application security solutions will provide developers with lists of vulnerabilities and no actionable results, Veracode Security Consulting allows you to request the help of Application Security Consultants (ASCs), who have extensive backgrounds in both development and application security, to help you understand a particular vulnerability and how to address it through remediation coaching. With this knowledge, your teams will be able to remediate vulnerabilities faster and avoid introducing the same vulnerabilities next time.

Integrate the Veracode Platform Directly Into Your SDLC

Instead of changing your development processes, the Veracode Application Security Platform integrates directly with your software development lifecycle (SDLC) to automate most processes. Veracode offers a wide range of out-of-the-box integrations with IDEs, build servers and bug tracking systems, and supports custom integrations through APIs. Veracode Advanced Support works with you to configure these integrations, enabling you to code, assess and fix vulnerabilities faster. Advanced Support also provides help with wrappers, debugging build issues and deployments of the Veracode Virtual Scan Appliance to enable dynamic scanning behind a firewall.

Prioritize Fixes and Strategically Reduce Risk

The first time you scan an application, it can be difficult to triage flaws and vulnerabilities. Veracode will help you to prioritize fixes, so you know that you are addressing your application security in a strategic way that effectively minimizes risk and gets you on the road to compliance. This strategic guidance reduces cost, increases software assurance and ensures the success of your program.

Customer Success Packages

Customer Success Packages Table


*Supplemental Program Management activities, Security Consulting hours, and Advanced Support hours beyond Enterprise-Plus packages are recommended for over 200 apps.

Note: Standard Break-Fix Tech Support is available for all customers.



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