The VAST solution returns a number of benefits for both enterprise customers as well as software vendors who participate.

VAST Program Benefits

Improved Software Risk Management

Over time, VAST delivers to enterprise customers improved security risk management across the entire software supply chain. Initiating a VAST Program:

  • Exposes and engenders better understanding of the security risks associated with vendor-supplied software.

  • Reduces the overall risk posture of your entire software portfolio by securing as much vendor-supplied software as possible.

  • Contractually requires that new vendors and suppliers remediate software flaws.

  • Visibility into vendor participation tracked and measured against goals, complete with escalation and resolution procedures for improved compliance.

  • Outsources the critical task of vendor application security program management to trusted experts at Veracode, saving your internal resources.


Compliance Beyond Enterprise Policy

Improving the security posture of an application through the VAST Program positively impacts the vendor’s business beyond complying with the originating enterprise customer’s request. Participating in a VAST Program:

  • Demonstrates your commitment to producing software that is both functional and secure.

  • Increases loyalty across your customer base.

  • Delivers competitive differentiation in the marketplace, potentially reducing the overall sales cycle during procurement, acceptance, or renewals.

  • Establishes thought leadership in software privacy and security for speedier governance, risk, and compliance audits.

  • Reduces your future vulnerability remediation costs by improving secure coding practices and automating security analysis during development.

VAST benefits many enterprise stakeholders. IT security teams can focus and improve their vendor management or risk mitigation efforts. Purchasing and vendor managers can attest the security of externally sourced applications before procurement or acceptance. Compliance officers and IT auditors enjoy speedier examinations, especially in regulated industries such as Financial Services, Retail, and Healthcare.





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