Independent Audit Services

Are you a third-party software supplier? Take the complexity, cost and hassle out of proving your applications are secure.

With the increasing focus on third-party software risk by major industry groups, software suppliers are now being asked to provide independent attestation that their applications have been tested for resilience against security standards and corporate policies.

Our independent Software Audit service gives you a simple and cost-effective way to give your enterprise customers the third-party security attestation they require. And thanks to our patented binary static analysis, you don’t need to upload your source code to our platform, protecting your intellectual property.

Plus our annual subscription give you unlimited access to our cloud-based platform, so you can re-test applications as often as you like (such as whenever they’re updated).

How the independent audit process works

  • Using binary static analysis and dynamic web testing, we provide detailed, actionable information about high-priority vulnerabilities in your applications.

  • Our unbiased security testing ensures independent oversight and includes a clear audit trail to meet both internal audit requirements as well as formal regulatory compliance mandates.

  • We independently verify the security posture of your applications via our cloud-based platform and share the results with your enterprise customers (if desired)—without the need for you to hire additional security experts or purchase more servers and tools.

  • Analysis by Veracode for your security attestation does not require the use of your product's source code, thus we safeguard your IP.



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