What is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

What is an integrated development environment?

In software development, an integrated development environment (IDE) is a central technology used by developers to write code. But what is an integrated development environment exactly, and what is its role in security testing? Here’s a short primer on both subjects.

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More on what an integrated development environment (IDE) is

An integrated development environment is an application that is designed to combine all the tools a developer needs to write code into one application. A typical IDE will include a code editor, compiler, debugger and automation tools that can automate, developer tasks. Some IDE’s may also include a class browser, an object browser and/or a class hierarchy diagram – tools that help developers to visualize the structure of object-oriented programming code. IDEs may be used for any development methodology, including agile and waterfall software development.

What is an integrated development environment’s benefit for a developer?

With access to multiple tools in a single application, developers can take advantage of what is an integrated development environment’s greatest benefit: speed. The IDE is intended to improve productivity and accelerate development by reducing set up time, enabling developers to perform tasks faster and by standardizing the development process. IDEs also streamline development by encouraging developers to think holistically about the entire development lifecycle, rather than viewing their actions is a series of discrete tasks.

What is an integrated development environment’s biggest security challenge?

Security testing is critical to the development process, enabling developers to find and fix flaws that may lead to breaches like CSRF attacks. But many security testing solutions do not integrate easily with IDEs and force developers to learn a new tool or open a new environment to conduct tests. Under the pressure of tight development timelines, these time-consuming extra steps may result in security testing that is less than comprehensive, making it harder to deliver secure web, mobile and desktop applications or to ensure HIPAA and SarbOx compliance.

What is an integrated development environment API for security testing?

A security testing solution that offers an application programming interface, or API, for an integrated development environment can help to speed security testing and ensure that development teams are delivering more secure software.

What is a leading integrated development environment security testing solution?

Veracode provides a suite of web, desktop and mobile app security testing services that integrate easily with virtually any IDE. As a SaaS-based service, Veracode is easy to use and does not require developers to learn a new tool. Developers can submit code for review through the Veracode platform, receiving results for most scans within four hours. An additional service, Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan, runs in the background of an IDE to test code as it is being written and provide immediate, contextual feedback to developers about potential flaws and the best ways to fix them.

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