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Protect your organization with a website vulnerability scanner.

With organizations under attack from an increasing number of threats, a website vulnerability scanner can help to ensure that websites and web applications are free from flaws that can be exploited by attackers and malicious individuals.

Vulnerability scanning searches websites and applications in development or production to find weaknesses, backdoors and malicious code in software, and identifying and prioritizing the most significant flaws such as the OWASP Top Ten or the CWE/SANS Top 25.

Deploying a website or app vulnerability scannerhas traditionally required a significant investment in a software and hardware solution along with the cost of staff resources to manage it. But today, more organizations are turning to cloud-based solutions like the website vulnerability scanner from Veracode.

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Veracode: an on-demand website vulnerability scanner

As a leading provider of application security solutions for a software-driven world, Veracode is revolutionizing technology for testing web applications by delivering cloud-based tools that let you seamlessly integrate testing and security into the development and management of websites and applications.

Veracode’s website vulnerability scanner is an on-demand service that lets you avoid the capital expense and headache of deploying and managing a tool on site. With Veracode, you simply use Veracode’s online platform to submit applications and websites for review, getting results within a few hours. Veracode prioritizes results based on which flaws represent the most risk in which can be fixed most quickly. And where most website vulnerability scanner solutions can only scan source code – eliminating their usefulness in evaluating third-party applications and commercial products – Veracode’s solution scans binaries to identify flaws in websites and applications of any origin.

A website vulnerability scanner with a comprehensive approach

As a website vulnerability scanner, Veracode offers comprehensive vulnerability scanning tools that address application security at every level of development and production.

Veracode Static Analysis is an automated static testing tool for evaluating the security of web, mobile, desktop and backend applications. Veracode’s technology analyzes major languages and frameworks without requiring source code, enabling you to use a single platform to assess the code you write, download or buy.

Veracode Web Application Scanning is a unified solution that can find, secure and monitor all web applications, including the ones you may have lost track of. After using a variety of techniques to identify all the websites and applications associated with your organization, Veracode Web Application Scanning performs a lightweight scan on thousands of sites in parallel to find critical vulnerabilities and prioritize the largest risks. Veracode can also run authenticated deep scans on critical applications to provide maximum protection against flaws.

Additional website vulnerability scanner solutions from Veracode include:

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