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Improve security with a web vuln scanner.

A web vulnerability scanner, or web vuln scanner, can help to protect your web applications and websites from threats that are continually growing in number and sophistication. With the right web vuln scanner technology, you can more easily find and fix flaws before attackers can discover and exploit them.

A web vuln scanner evaluates code for web applications both in development or in production, searching for vulnerabilities such as backdoors, malicious code and other weaknesses. Because web applications may be built with third-party code and open source software as well as code developed in-house, a superior web vuln scanner must be able to effectively evaluate software quality even when source code is unavailable.

In the past, web vuln scanner technology has been costly to deploy and time-consuming to manage. Veracode offers an alternative: on-demand web application testing tools that make it easy an affordable to integrate vulnerability scanning into development processes and security audits.

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Veracode’s on-demand web vuln scanner.

Veracode’s on-demand application testing services allow organizations to embed security and testing throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). With a powerful suite of solutions that integrate easily into any development methodology, we enable development teams to find and fix flaws at the most efficient point in the SDLC, improving software quality metrics more cost-effectively.

To submit code to Veracode’s on-demand web vuln scanner, developers or IT administrators simply submit an application through an online platform. Results are returned quickly – 80% of scans are completed within four hours and 90% within one day. Flaws and vulnerabilities are prioritized by severity, enabling developers to fix the most significant weaknesses first. False positives are eliminated by returning highly accurate results – to date, we’ve assessed more than 5 trillion lines of code in 24 languages and 77 frameworks, and our accuracy improves with every assessment.

Integrating multiple testing techniques in a web vuln scanner.

Our web vuln scanner technology integrates several powerful testing methodologies to deliver a more comprehensive approach to security. Our testing technology includes:

  • Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan, a testing tool that works in the background of a developer’s IDE to identify flaws as code is being written.
  • Static Analysis (SAST) testing tools that can scan compiled binaries to identify flaws in web applications as well as mobile and desktop software.
  • Dynamic Analysis (DAST) tools for black box testing.
  • Software Composition Analysis services for identifying weaknesses in commercial and open source code.
  • Vendor Application Security Testing (VAST) services for evaluating security in third-party code without needing access to source code.

Learn more about Veracode’s web vuln scanner technology, and about Veracode technology for preventing an advanced persistent threat.

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