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Building secure applications quickly with web-based application testing.

For development teams that want to improve application security without slowing development timelines, web-based application testing solutions from Veracode can help.

As attacks on the application layer continue to evolve and multiply, development teams face greater pressure to deliver more secure applications. Yet the demands of software testing often conflict with the pressure to deliver applications quickly, especially when security testing tools are difficult and time-consuming to use. Faced with imminent build deadlines, development teams are often tempted to cut corners on application testing, often by only testing applications developed internally and leaving open source, third-party and mobile components out of the mix.

Veracode resolves the tension between speed and security with a suite of comprehensive web-based application testing solutions. By integrating software testing and security assessment into every phase of the SDLC, Veracode enables developers to deliver more secure applications while meeting accelerated timelines.

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Benefits of web-based application testing with Veracode.

Web-based application testing solutions from Veracode are SaaS-based services that let organizations add powerful testing solutions to the development process without the need for new hardware, software or capital expense. With web-based application testing, development organizations don’t need to worry about implementing, managing, monitoring or upgrading testing technology. And Veracode’s web-based technology provides a more predictable cost structure that enables organizations to manage testing expenses more easily.

With Veracode web-based application testing, organizations can get fast results that enable development to continue apace. 80% of tests return results within four hours, and 90% within one day. Veracode’s multi-layered approach to web-based application testing ensures more accurate results and fewer false positives. And with automated technology, testing can be easily integrated into every step of the SDLC without requiring additional time and resources from developers.

Veracode’s web-based application testing solutions.

Web-based application testing with Veracode includes solutions for:

  • Testing code as it is written with Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan, which runs in the background of the developer’s IDE and provides alerts and remediation recommendations as soon as flaws are identified.
  • Static Analysis Security Testing with Veracode Static Analysis, testing binaries across a broad range of frameworks and languages to identify vulnerabilities in code that is built, bought and assembled.
  • Minimizing risk in open source components with Veracode Software Composition Analysis.
  • Identifying vulnerabilities in web applications in production with Veracode Web Application Scanning.
  • Evaluating security of third-party software without requiring source code, using Veracode Vendor Application Security Testing.
  • Achieving compliance with a desktop, mobile or web application pen test.

Veracode services can also be used to enhance regression testing by searching for flaws and vulnerabilities in new releases and software patches.

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