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Improve security with web application testing tools.

With more than half of all security breaches stemming from attacks on web applications and websites, web application testing tools have become a critical IT investment.

Constantly exposed to the Internet and easily probed by attackers, web applications are easier to breach than traditional targets. Accelerated development processes exacerbate the problem – security is often overlooked when rapid time-to-market is the overriding priority. And applications assembled with hybrid code – a mix of in-house code, outsourced software and third-party libraries – often prevent developers from having clear insight into critical vulnerabilities.

The right web application testing tools can help by embedding security into every stage of the development process, using a variety of software testing methodologies to find and fix flaws more thoroughly before releasing applications.

As a leading provider of solutions that help organizations to secure the their most valuable software, Veracode provides powerful web application testing tools in Veracode Web Application Scanning (WAS).

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Web application testing tools from Veracode.

Veracode Web Application Scanning offers a set of web application testing tools for finding vulnerabilities and applications deployed to production. With Web Application Scanning, you can discover, test and monitor all applications – even the ones you don’t know about or have lost track of.

This Veracode solution discovers and inventories all external web applications and identifies critical vulnerabilities by running a lightweight scan on thousands of sites in parallel. You can also use WAS to run deep scans on critical applications.

Web Application Scanning uses multiple scanning technologies to improve accuracy and deliver unified results and analytics. Veracode’s web application testing tools include static and dynamic analysis as well as software composition analysis for identifying vulnerabilities in open source code.

Benefits of Veracode web application testing tools.

With web application testing tools from Veracode, you can:

  • Discover and inventory all public facing web applications. Our web application testing tools and scanning technology consistently find 30-40% more websites than companies knew they owned.
  • Determine risk levels across your entire application portfolio by quickly identifying major vulnerabilities.
  • Reduce risk in testing and production by setting up strategic, repeatable processes and integrating web application testing tools into your SDLC.
  • Test legacy websites acquired through M&A activities.
  • Support dev sec ops initiatives and security audits with tools that can be easily integrated into the development process.

Learn more about web application testing tools from Veracode, and about Veracode solutions to prevent an advanced persistent threat and to improve software quality metrics.

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