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Want to see how to upload your application, get your results, or find an eLearning course? Use these hacked demos to get started:

Ultimate Guide to Getting Started With AppSec

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Veracode Hacks APIs

Veracode APIs allow development teams to maximize the benefits of static and dynamic cloud-based security testing in an on-premise development environment while improving productivity, application security quality and policy compliance. Developers who work in rapid build and test cycles, such as Agile, can use Veracode APIs to fully automate security verification for entire software portfolios and integrate with internal build and bug tracking systems.
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Veracode Blog

The Veracode Blog delivers some of the best research and commentary on application security existing on the web and in the blogosphere today. The blog contains content authored by a cross section of Veracode writers. Our goal is to deliver you compelling thoughts on the world of security, the stuff we think will be most worth knowing.
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Veracode Integrations Guide

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