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Integrating security testing into systems development life cycle models.

As application security continues to be a critical priority, development teams need software testing techniques that can work with all systems development life cycle models.

Applications continue to be the most-attacked security perimeter. As software becomes increasingly complex, testing for vulnerabilities in various systems development life cycle models becomes more difficult as well. Developers face great pressure to release new applications quickly, and testing often adds unacceptable delay to the software develop process. Consequently, development teams may relegate testing to later stages of development or use inadequate, ad hoc testing methodologies that don’t truly support application security. It’s no wonder that as many as 80% of applications fail their first security test.

To improve the security of every application release, developers need testing solutions that can be easily integrated into all systems development life cycle models. That’s where Veracode comes in.

Security for systems development life cycle models from Veracode.

Veracode application security testing technology helps to secure the software that businesses rely on. With a powerful combination of automation, process and speed, we seamlessly integrate testing into all systems development life cycle models. With Veracode, development teams can find vulnerabilities in all systems development life cycle phases, fixing flaws at the most cost-efficient point in the development process.

Our subscription-based service provides the security expertise and proven best practices that help development teams to improve security with every release. Veracode solutions work easily with all systems development life cycle models, simplifying application security testing with tools that deliver:

  • Greater accuracy. By providing multiple testing methods, we enable more accurate results so developers can spend less time worrying about false positives and more time getting verified applications into production.
  • Automation. Our solutions automate all test procedures, enabling application security to become a routine step in the build process.
  • More speed. 80% of all static scans are completed within four hours, and 90% within one day.
  • Actionable recommendations. We deliver step-by-step guidance to help developers understand, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities.

Veracode testing technology for systems development life cycle models.

To enable development teams to improve testing in all systems development life cycle models, we offer technology that includes:

  • Static analysis, for securing applications across a broad range of languages and frameworks without the need for source code.
  • Veracode Greenlight that provides instant scanning in a developer’s IDE.
  • Web Application Scanning, for identifying vulnerabilities and applications deployed to production.
  • Software Composition Analysis, for eliminating risk in open source components.
  • Vendor Application Security Testing, for identifying flaws in third-party software

Learn more about how to secure systems development life cycle models with Veracode, and about what is an application and what is system development life cycle, and to get a systems development life cycle definition.



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