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Preventing SQL insertion.

SQL insertion attacks, also known as SQL injection, is a high-severity vulnerability that allows attackers to access, damage or delete data from databases and to perform other malicious acts that compromise enterprise security.

SQL injection in Java, PHP and other languagesis effective when an application fails to sanitize un-trusted data when performing actions like a database query. Attackers can use SQL insertion commands to trick an application into requesting that a database execute unexpected commands.

SQL insertion is one of the most dangerous yet most common vulnerabilities within web applications. As many as one third of web applications have at least one instance of SQL insertion, placing organizations at risk of losing data, business, reputation and millions of dollars.

SQL insertion is an easily avoidable vulnerability, but preventing this flaw requires that developers have tools to routinely tests applications with both static analyses and dynamic analyses. That’s where Veracode comes in.

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Find and fix SQL insertion flaws with Veracode.

Veracode provides on-demand application security testing services that enable developers and IT administrators to embed testing throughout the software development lifecycle. Our suite of cloud-based services can find and fix flaws as software is being written, assembled or purchased, allowing organizations to remediate issues more easily and cost-effectively.

Veracode’s technology for addressing SQL insertion is:

  • Accurate: our testing services provide accurate and actionable detection of vulnerabilities, enabling developers to spend less time worrying about false positives and more time remediating flaws and getting applications into production.
  • Automated: testing for SQL insertion and other vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting can be executed routinely as a standard step in the build process.
  • Fast: our automated binary static analysis is designed for agile development processes, with 80% of all scans completed within four hours and more than 90% completed within a single day.
  • Actionable: our security specialists provide developers with step-by-step remediation advice to resolve SQL insertion flaws.
  • Integrated: our testing technologies are designed to be used within a software development environment, so developers never have to interrupt coding to open a separate testing system.

Veracode technologies for stopping SQL insertion.

Our on-demand testing services for preventing SQL insertion include:

  • Veracode Static Analysis – a service that scans binaries to find SQL insertion vulnerabilities and other flaws, providing results that are prioritized by severity.
  • Veracode Web Application Scanning – our web vulnerability scanners discover and scan all public-facing web applications to identify SQL insertion flaws and other vulnerabilities.

Learn more about SQL insertion with Veracode’s SQL cheat sheet, or learn about Veracode solutions for protecting software containers.

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