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Software of Unknown Pedigree - SOUP

Software of Unknown Pedigree (aka Software of Uncertain Provenance, aka SOUP) has been a term used primarily in scenarios where software/hardware/firmware governs a system that if breached or malfunctioning could have explicit implications on consumer safety. In fields like medical and utility industries where hardware, software and firmware are all tied to inherently safety-involved systems, the term has been most prevalent. In recent years, as technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, companies and governments are putting the SOUP term back on the agenda and in the spotlight.

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Veracode and SOUP

Here at Veracode, we understand the challenges associated with securing your software supply chain. Some companies have thousands of software vendors and their vendors have vendors as well. The process of security compliance can become a headache just thinking about it. That's the reason we created our Vendor Application Security Testing program, VAST. Now businesses can leverage Veracode resources and project management to ensure that all the code used in their platforms is properly scanned and secured from known vulnerabilities.