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Software testing solutions that balance speed and security.

Software testing can create a certain tension between Speed and Security for developers. Charged with delivering business innovation to the market, developers are driven to release new applications quickly. That can sometimes lead to less-than-ideal software testing protocols as development teams work to meet aggressive timelines. Occasionally, the need for faster development may lead organizations to cut corners – for example, securing only internal development work while leaving vendor, mobile and open source applications exposed.

This kind of ad-hoc approach to software testing, however, tends to lead to adverse results. Threats to the application layer are the cause in more than half of all successful attacks today, and it’s easy to see why: four out of five applications fail their first security test.

For development organizations looking to implement a comprehensive approach to software testing that won’t adversely impact speed, Veracode has the answer.

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Software testing services from Veracode.

Veracode provides application security solutions that extend security throughout the entire software lifecycle. By enabling development teams to seamlessly integrate software testing into a variety of software development models, we help to ensure that secure code is synonymous with quality code.

Our subscription-based software testing service combines a powerful cloud platform with deep security expertise and proven best practices for software security, enabling development teams to create more secure applications with every release.

Our software testing solutions include:

  • Veracode Greenlight. This software testing tool scans code as it is being written to find security defects within seconds and provide contextual remediation guidance.
  • Veracode Static Analysis. This SaaS-based service scans binaries to assess applications across a broad range of languages and frameworks, without requiring access to source code.
  • Veracode Software Composition Analysis. Enables teams to accelerate development by quickly identifying vulnerabilities in open source components.
  • Veracode Web Application Scanning. Discovers, tests and monitors all web applications, including the apps organizations don’t know about or have lost track of. Lightweight, production-safe scans help to prioritize the biggest risks, while deep scans help to reduce risk for critical applications. Veracode also offers a manual web application pen test.
  • Veracode Vendor Application Security Testing. This solution makes it easy to manage third-party risk by providing a security assessment of vendor applications without requiring source code.

Benefits of Veracode’s software testing technology.

With software testing solutions from Veracode, development teams can:

  • Accelerate timelines with fast software testing tools designed for agile development processes.
  • Reduce the burden of testing by automating processes at every step in the build process.
  • Increase the accuracy of software testing by combining a variety of testing methodologies.
  • Resolve issues quickly with step-by-step guidance from Veracode security experts.

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