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The limitations of software firewalls.

Software firewalls have been a central line of defense against cyber attacks for years. Software firewalls inspect content transferred between computers on a network and can block certain traffic that appears to be problematic or malicious. When packets of information match a certain set of rules, the network security firewall can reject it and issue an error response.

Software firewallstoday have grown in sophistication, moving beyond the network layer to inspect traffic at the transport layer as well. Some firewalls also operate on the application layer of the network stack, restricting unauthorized processes to help prevent the spread of viruses, Trojans, worms and other threats. Indeed, software firewalls continue to be part of the first line of defense against a myriad of cyber attacks. But on their own, they’re not enough to completely prevent security breaches and ensure enterprise data protection.

Software firewalls may leave you vulnerable to attack for several reasons. Firewall technology inspects incoming traffic for known attack patterns, and they may not catch new patterns from emerging threats. Changes in applications and increasingly complex firewall configuration requirements may also cause software firewalls to be less than optimal security defenses.

That’s why, when seeking to secure data and systems from the adverse impact of cyberattacks, more companies today are adding technologies like application testing to their security strategies.

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Augmenting software firewalls with Veracode application security testing.

Veracode provides application security testing capabilities in an on-demand, cloud-based service that helps organizations to protect the software applications they depend on. With an integrated suite of services unified on a cloud platform, we enable development teams and IT administrators to integrate application testing throughout the software development lifecycle, finding and fixing flaws from inception through production.

Our solutions augment software firewalls by helping to eradicate the weaknesses in applications like website SQL vulnerabilities and cross site scripting flaws that cyber attackers target most often. By making application testing easier, faster and more cost-efficient, we enable development teams to produce safer software without sacrificing speed to market.

Improving the effectiveness of software firewalls with comprehensive testing solutions.

Our software testing services include:

  • Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan, a service that provides immediate feedback as developers are writing code about potential flaws and vulnerabilities.
  • Veracode Static Analysis, a service that scans binaries to identify weaknesses in software that is written, purchased or assembled.
  • Veracode Software Composition Analysis, a service that identifies flaws in open source components.
  • Veracode Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP), a service that defends against application layer attacks in real-time.
  • Veracode Web Application Scanning, an Internet security test solution that discovers and scans public-facing web applications.
  • Web Pen Testing, a manual service that can find vulnerabilities automated scans may not.

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