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Application security in different software development lifecycle models.

With software applications continuing to be the most attacked security perimeter, development teams face great pressure to improve security testing in all software development lifecycle models.

For developers, this focus on security is often in tension with the need for speed in the software development lifecycle process. Getting applications and updates to market quickly is critical to business success, and testing technologies have traditionally been a hindrance rather than a help in this effort. Consequently, development teams working in all software development lifecycle models have frequently failed to incorporate consistent testing practices, or they’ve been tempted to cut corners by securing internal development, for example, while leaving third-party and open-source applications still exposed.

Veracode provides an alternative approach – a subscription-based testing service that can be easily incorporated into all software development lifecycle models to improve application security with every release.

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Veracode testing solutions for software development lifecycle models.

Veracode provides a single cloud-based platform with a suite of powerful application security testing services. With solutions that can be integrated into various systems development life cycle phases, we make it easy to embed security into all software development lifecycle models. Our easy-to-use solutions enable developers to find and fix flaws the most cost-efficient point in software development processes.

To enable development teams to build more secure software in all software development lifecycle methodologies, we offer services that include:

  • Static Analysis services that scan and assess applications across the broad range of languages, frameworks and software development lifecycle models to ensure the security of software that is written, purchased or assembled.
  • Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan, a service that runs in the background of an IDE to identify security defects in code within seconds and provide contextual remediation guidance to fix flaws as code is being written.
  • Software Composition Analysis, a service for identifying and eliminating risk in open source components.
  • Vendor Application Security Testing, a tool for managing third-party risk by identifying vulnerabilities in vendor applications.
  • Web Application Scanning, a service for identifying all applications in production and performing lightweight, production-safe scans on thousands of applications in parallel, as well as deep scans to reduce risk in critical applications.

Advantages of securing software development lifecycle models with Veracode.

With Veracode application testing services, development organizations working in all software development lifecycle models can:

  • Improve the accuracy of scans with solutions that produce fewer false positives while finding hidden threats such as malicious code and back doors in third-party libraries and open source components.
  • Automate security testing with services that combine multiple techniques and that make testing a standard part of the build process.
  • Meet aggressive development timelines such as those in the agile software development life cycle by getting test results back quickly - usually within four hours.

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